What is Thor’s Wheel on Coin Master?

Win a month's worth of goodies in a single spin.

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Thor’s Wheel is a special event wheel that only appears during seasonal events, like Treasure Hunter. During these events, the regular daily wheel is replaced by Thor’s Wheel. However, you can still access the regular wheel through the in-game menu.

You must have a special currency called Thunder Strike Tokens to spin Thor’s Wheel. One Thunder Strike Token is equal to one spin of Thor’s Wheel. At the start of an event, you will have zero Thunder Strike Tokens, so you’ll have to earn some in order to play.

How do you earn tokens and what prizes await those who spin Thor’s Wheel? Read on for a complete answer to the question: what is Thor’s Wheel on Coin Master? And boost your progress and accelerate your village development with these Coin Master free spins & coins.

How do you get Thunder Strike Tokens for Thor’s Wheel?

You get Thunder Strike Tokens by completing Treasure Hunt event missions. Not every mission will give you tokens, so double check that the one you’ve chosen does. Keep in mind that Thunder Strike Tokens are considered very valuable, so the missions that drop them can be fairly hard to do.

What prizes do you get from Thor’s Wheel?

Thunder Strike Tokens are so hard to get because Thor’s Wheel drops some pretty insane prizes! We’re talking instant Mystery Chests, millions of XP, 400% Coin Blaze, and massive 5-billion Coin drops with a single spin. You’d usually have to spend weeks trying to get those amounts of XP and Coins.

When will Thor’s Wheel be available again?

Thor’s Wheel is available during the Treasure Hunt event, which happens once or twice a year. You can find the latest information about upcoming Coin Master events on the game’s official Facebook page.

Spinning Thor’s Wheel is one of the best ways to earn huge rewards. With a Thunder Strike Token and a bit of luck, you can get a month’s worth of prizes in a single spin! Of course, getting your hands on an actual token is hard but well worth the effort and time. If you consider yourself a serious Coin Master player, keep an eye out for the next time Thor’s Wheel becomes available.