What is Coin Master VIP? — how to get it

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In Coin Master, VIP status is a premium membership that grants access to exclusive features and bonuses. Below, you’ll find all the important information about Coin Master VIP status, including how to get it and the rewards it gives you.

Even with VIP status, a good Coin Master player knows never to let an opportunity for free spins slip away. Get to know these Coin Master free spins to give your village a quick boost!

How to get VIP status

VIP status can only be purchased with real money from Coin Master’s in-game shop.

You can find the store by tapping the “More” icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap the “VIP” button. This will bring up the different VIP subscription packages that you can buy.

Pricing differs depending on your location and the package you choose. Generally, the longer options offer the best bang for your buck. The developers also regularly run promo events discounting the price of VIP membership, so look out for those.

The bonuses you get with a VIP subscription

VIP status in Coin Master gives players access to a variety of exclusive bonuses and features, including:

  1. Daily free spins: VIP players receive a daily bonus of free spins, which can be used to spin the slot machine and win coins and cards.
  2. Exclusive card sets: VIP players have access to exclusive card sets that are not available to non-VIP players.
  3. Exclusive events: VIP players can participate in exclusive events and challenges that offer unique rewards.
  4. Boosted coin and XP rewards: VIP players receive boosted coin and XP rewards for completing village levels and participating in events.
  5. Priority support: VIP players have access to priority support from the Coin Master customer support team.
  6. Special in-game offers: VIP players may also receive special in-game offers and discounts on various items and features.

Is VIP status in Coin Master worth it?

If you play Coin Master every day and want to progress as quickly as possible, then yes, VIP status is well worth the money spent.

Sure, Coin Master is pretty generous with coins and spins for free players, especially early on, but the daily bonuses aren’t enough to keep up with the resource demands in later villages.

VIP status also grants a boost to coin and XP rewards, so almost everything you do in the game becomes instantly more efficient. Also, if you don’t mind spending a bit of cash, VIP status also grants discounts to special packages in the shop.

That just about covers all the important facts about Coin Master VIP status. VIP status costs real money, but if you play Coin Master seriously, there’s no buyable item in the game that offers more value for your cash.

What is Coin Master VIP?

Coin Master VIP is a premium membership program in Coin Master that offers exclusive rewards and benefits to players.

How do I become a Coin Master VIP?

To become a Coin Master VIP, you need to purchase a VIP membership through the in-game store. The cost and duration of the VIP membership may vary. The option is not available to everyone.

What benefits do I get as a Coin Master VIP?

As a Coin Master VIP, you can receive benefits such as daily bonuses, exclusive rewards, and special offers. The specific benefits available may vary depending on the VIP tier and the current promotions.

How long does my Coin Master VIP membership last?

Your Coin Master membership lasts forever.

Can I cancel my Coin Master VIP membership?

Once purchased, you cannot cancel your Coin Master VIP membership.

Is Coin Master VIP worth it?

Coin Master VIP is worth it if you play every day and want to progress quickly. If you only play once in a while, then don’t spend the money on it.