How to hide village in Coin Master

Avoid getting raided all the time.

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Getting raided in Coin Master can get pretty annoying, especially when you have to repair all of your buildings and restore your lost stars each time. It can feel like a never-ending cycle of rebuilding and getting raided again. But have you ever wondered why you might be getting raided more frequently than other players? Or have you ever wondered how to hide your village in Coin Master from future raids? First, let’s dive into why you are always raided by others.

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The things that make you a raid magnet

There are a few reasons why you are constantly being raided in Coin Master:

You are rich

It could be because you have a hefty coin balance. It’s no secret that earning coins is one of the best parts of Coin Master but being rich makes your village much more tempting to other players who want to earn some extra coins by raiding your village.

Strong and attractive

One possibility is that you have a really strong village with high-level buildings and structures. It’s totally understandable if you’re proud of all the hard work you’ve put into your village. But it’s also important to be aware that having a strong village can make you more attractive to players who are looking for a challenge. Just something to keep in mind as you strategize to defend your village

You might be famous

If you’ve worked your way up to the leaderboard, other players might be coming after your village specifically because they want to take your spot. Now, it’s no secret that getting on the leaderboard takes a lot of time and energy, so it’s totally understandable if you feel a little proud of your achievement. But it’s also important to be aware that being on the leaderboard can make you a more visible target for attacks. Just something to keep in mind as you strategize to defend your village!

Can you hide your village in Coin Master?

Now, if you are still thinking about how to hide your village in Coin Master? Sadly, there is no way to hide your village or prevent it from being raided in Coin Master. But there is a way to reduce the number of incoming raids, and that is by activating Ghost Mode!

So, let’s talk about Ghost Mode. This is actually an unofficial trick that allows you to play Coin Master without being visible to your friends or other players from your linked social network by playing in Guest Mode. When Ghost Mode is turned on, your village will still be visible and attackable to other players, but your name won’t show up in the game’s leaderboard or social features. Thus, reducing the number of raids from those linked to your social network. You can enable ghost mode by following these steps:

  1. Quit the Coin Master app.
  2. Open the Facebook app and log into your Facebook account.
  3. Go to your Facebook account settings.
  4. Find the app settings.
  5. Find Coin Master.
  6. Remove Coin Master from your Facebook account.
  7. Quit the Facebook app.
  8. Open the Coin Master app.
  9. Do not log in. Choose to log in as a Guest.

Players have reported that activating Ghost Mode makes the rewards less exciting. This might make it not worth it for some players, especially since other players can still attack your village even when ghost mode is enabled. But if you want to, you can try different strategies to increase your chances of defending your buildings from getting destroyed.

Tips to defend against raids in Coin Master

If you think you are always getting raided, why not consider following the following strategies to defend your village in Coin Master. These include:

  1. Build up your village’s defenses — You can enhance your village’s defenses by upgrading your structures. Higher level structures can sustain more damage during attacks before they are destroyed.
  2. Consider using shields — You can use shields to protect your village from attacks. Although they are really helpful, shields can only be earned from the Spinner. Be sure to strategically use them.
  3. Collecting cards — Did you know that you can collect cards in Coin Master by spinning the slot machine? Each card set is tied to a specific village, and if you manage to collect a full set of cards for a village, you’ll be able to boost its defenses.
  4. Attacking other players — Another way to strengthen your village’s defenses is by attacking other players’ villages. Not only will you earn coins and loot, but you’ll also have the opportunity to build up your own village’s defenses.

That’s all there is to know on how to hide your village in Coin Master. While it’s not possible to completely hide your village from future raids in Coin Master, you can activate Ghost Mode to reduce raids from your friends and other players linked to your social network.

Although this might not completely eliminate raids, it could be a helpful way to cut down on the frequency of attacks. If you’re feeling a little tired of constantly defending your village, try mixing up different strategies to enhance your defenses from enemies destroying your buildings.

What does it mean to hide my village in Coin Master?

Hiding your village in Coin Master means that your village will no longer be visible to other players in the game.

How do I hide my village in Coin Master?

You can hide your village in Coin Master by playing in Guest Mode (or Ghost Mode, as some people call it).

How do I hide my village in Coin Master?

To “hide” your village in Coin Master, you must play in Guest Mode (“Ghost” mode). To play in Guest Mode, unlink your Facebook account from Coin Master, then choose to Log in as a Guest in Coin Master.

What happens when I hide my village in Coin Master?

When you hide your village in Coin Master, it will no longer be visible to other players in the game. You will also not be able to see the villages of other players who have hidden their villages.

Can I still play Coin Master if I hide my village?

Yes, you can still play Coin Master if you hide your village. Your progress and game data will be saved, and you will be able to continue playing as usual.

Can I unhide my village in Coin Master?

Yes, you can unhide your village in Coin Master by re-linking your Facebook account to Coin Master.