What is Team Chest in Coin Master?

Get the scoop on Team Chests in Coin Master with this helpful guide.

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Joining a Team is one of the best ways to quickly make progress in Coin Master. Not only can you share tips and tricks with other Coin Master fans, you can also take part in exclusive events with special prizes and bonuses. So what is Team Chest in Coin Master?

Team Chest is one such event. In Team Chest, you and your team must work together to earn points and win an amazing chest containing all sorts of awesome rewards. In this guide, we’ll explain how this event works and the kinds of prizes you can get from it. Oh and by the way be sure to get a boost to your village’s progress with these Coin Master free spins.

How does Team Chest work?

Team Chest is a regular event in Coin Master in which teams complete special missions to earn rewards.

The only requirement is that you must be part of a team. Joining a team is super easy, and you can do it any time, so join one now if you haven’t already!

You cannot claim a Team Chest if you:

  • leave a team in the middle of the event
  • have already claimed a Team Chest; even if you’ve joined a new team
  • you join a team that has already opened their Team Chest
  • your team has not collected enough stars to open the Team Chest
  • you are kicked from the Team

On the Team Chest page, you’ll find a meter indicating your team’s progress in Team Chest. This bar will fill up as your team completes team missions. Once the bar is full, every member who participate in completing the event can claim the reward.

There are many types of team missions, and they’re all relatively simple. Usually, they involve collecting a large amount of a certain item. The difficulty of these missions depends on what Team Chest League your team is currently on (more on Leagues further down). Basically, the higher your league, the harder the missions, and the bigger the rewards.

Remember: the Team Chest event is all about working together as a team. You won’t be able to complete it on your own. So if your Team Chest progress feels a bit slow, give your teammates a kick in the pants and get them to start playing more!

What are Team Chest Leagues?

Completing Team Chests is lots of fun, especially in the right team environment. If your team really wants to take it to the next level, then they can focus on ranking well in the Team Chest Leagues.

Team Chest Leagues are leaderboard tiers that rank teams based on the number of Team Chests that they complete. The more your team completes, the higher up the ranks it will be.

At the end of a season, the top three teams in a league will move up to the next league tier. The bottom three teams will be dropped down to the next lower league tier.

Focusing on Team Chest Leagues is a great way to really boost the progress of the players in your team. Each member stands to benefit from a high rank in the Leagues, so push them to work on Team Chest missions as much as possible!

That covers all the important facts you need to know about the Team Chest event in Coin Master. As you’ve learned, Team Chests are a fun way to get teammates to work together toward a common goal. Individual contributions are important, but you can only unlock a Team Chest’s precious prize when everyone on the team is pulling their weight. And those prizes are well worth the effort; especially as you move up to higher League tiers, where the prizes are much more valuable.

What is a Team Chest in Coin Master?

The Team Chest is a feature in Coin Master that allows players to work together with other members of their team to earn rewards.

How do I get a Team Chest in Coin Master?

To get a Team Chest in Coin Master, you need to join a team and work together with other members to complete sets of cards.

What rewards can I get from a Team Chest in Coin Master?

The rewards from a Team Chest in Coin Master can include coins, spins, and cards.

How do I open a Team Chest in Coin Master?

To open a Team Chest in Coin Master, you and your team members need to complete sets of cards together. Once the required number of sets has been completed, the team chest will become available to be opened.

How many cards do I need to complete a set for a Team Chest in Coin Master?

The number of cards needed to complete a set for a Team Chest in Coin Master may vary depending on the specific set. You can view the required number of cards by tapping on the team chest in the game.

How long does it take to complete a set for a Team Chest in Coin Master?

The time it takes to complete a set for a Team Chest in Coin Master may vary depending on the specific set and the size of your team. Some sets may take a few days to complete, while others may take several weeks.