What are the stars for in Coin Master?

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If you’re new to Coin Master, you’ve probably found yourself wondering: what are the stars for in Coin Master? Do they give you a boost when raiding villages, or is there some other reason to collect them? Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about stars in the game, how to get them, and why you want a lot of them.

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What are the stars for in Coin Master?

Stars are collectibles that indicate your progress in Coin Master. You get stars by collecting cards and emotes and building new village items. Generally, the more stars you have, the more time and effort you’ve invested in Coin Master.

Previously, stars were only used to decide global rankings in the Coin Master leaderboards. Players with the most stars (i.e., the most cards, emotes, and village items) sat atop the leaderboards.

The leaderboards are a big reason for the popularity of card collecting in Coin Master. Cards give you an amount of stars based by their rarity—rarer cards gave you more stars. Players who want a high rank on the leaderboard have to trade to get the rarest, most valuable cards in the game.

The introduction of the “Cards for Chests” feature gave players another use for their stars. This feature lets players trade in their duplicate cards for chests. The best chests cost you cards worth lots of stars.

In summary, stars help you climb the leaderboards and earn chests through the “Cards for Chests” feature. If you’re serious about becoming a high-level Coin Master player, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to your stars! This raises another question: how do you get more stars?

How can you get stars in Coin Master?

If you’re new to Coin Master or just want to learn the different ways to earn stars in Coin Master, here is a complete guide on how to get stars:

Build, build, build

A common way to earn stars in Coin Master is by building up your village. For each item you build, you get one star. This can include decorations, buildings, and other structures that help to improve your village and make it more attractive. Building village items is a great way to earn stars and improve your village at the same time.

Getting new cards for your collection

The next method to earn stars in Coin Master is by receiving new cards in your card collection. This can happen when you purchase chests in the game, which contain sets of cards that can be used to complete your card collections and earn bonuses. The lowest number of stars you can get from a card is one star, while the maximum is five stars. By collecting and completing card sets, you can earn bonuses such as spin multipliers, extra coins, and even the ability to attack other players’ villages with increased strength.

Upgrade your pets

The last method to earn stars in Coin Master is by upgrading your pets. Each time you upgrade a pet, you will receive a certain number of stars depending on the level of your pet. The more you upgrade your pets, the more stars you will earn for each upgrade. Pets in Coin Master are special companions that can provide various benefits and bonuses, such as getting better chances of winning big on the slot machine or boosting your attack and defense abilities. Upgrading your pets is a great way to earn stars and improve your overall performance in the game.

Since stars are achievable through either building up your village, getting new cards, and upgrading your pets. What about losing stars?

Can I lose stars in Coin Master?

Losing stars in Coin Master is common. If a player attacks your village and damages one of your buildings, you will lose a star. But don’t hesitate, as you continue to play the game and progress through the levels and build up your base, your stars will naturally increase. So, don’t be afraid of losing a few stars due to an attack, you will always have the opportunity to earn more as you play the game. After playing for a long time, should you care about accumulating all those stars?

Benefits to having lots of stars in Coin Master

Gaining more and more stars in Coin Master can provide you with some additional benefits beyond earning respect among your friends. One benefit is the ability to purchase chests containing sets of cards that can help you complete your card collections and earn bonuses. If you’re missing certain cards and want to try to get them through the game’s “Cards for Chests” feature, having a large number of stars can let you buy more chests and increase your chances of obtaining the cards you need.

In addition to buying chests, it is easier to join the best teams. If you have a lot of stars, you can meet certain thresholds or requirements set by the owner of a team that you want to join. Some teams may have a minimum number of stars that you must have in order to be eligible to join. By increasing your star collection, you can improve your chances of being accepted into the team.

Keep in mind that your star count in Coin Master is just a reflection of how far along you are in the game. The higher you are on the scoreboard, the more stars you have. You’ll naturally gain stars as you complete levels, raid players, and unlock chests. So, if you don’t feel like chasing stars, don’t feel like you’re missing out.