What does the Tiger do in Coin Master?

Get one of the best pets in Coin Master.

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In Coin Master, pets are special companions that can help give you an edge in the game. These cute and cuddly creatures are useful for getting bonus coins from raids and keeping your village safe from attacks.

The tiger is one of the most sought-after pets in Coin Master, and for good reason. But what does the tiger do in Coin Master? This ferociously adorable feline offers several benefits. Let’s get into them here.

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What does the Tiger pet do in Coin Master?

The Tiger pet is a valuable companion to have in Coin Master, especially if you are looking to earn more coins and progress through the game faster. One of the main functions of the Tiger is to increase the number of coins you win when you raid other players. Whenever you attack another player’s village, the Tiger pet will automatically activate and boost the number of coins you earn from the attack.

Another key skill of the tiger is its defensive capabilities. When you activate the tiger, it will automatically defend your village, reducing how many coins you lose in a raid.

Other passive benefits the tiger gives you include increased earnings from the slot machine, higher chance of getting rare cards, among others.

So, it’s clear the tiger is a pretty great pet! Now, if you want to get your own tiger, you must first meet the prerequisites.

How to unlock the Tiger in Coin Master?

Once you unlock the Tiger, it can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. However, you will need to complete the Beasts Card Collection to be able to unlock the Tiger.

The Beasts Card Collection is a set of cards that features various pets. There are several ways you can collect cards in Coin Master. The most common way is by opening chests, which you can purchase using coins or spin rewards. Each chest has a certain chance of containing a new card, and you can increase your chances of getting rare cards by upgrading your chest collection.

To add to these ways of acquiring cards, you can also level up your village, attack other players’ villages, or trade with friends. As you collect new cards, you can complete sets and earn bonuses, such as additional coins, spins, and village item upgrades.

Unlocking the Tiger in Coin Master will require some dedication and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. By completing the Beasts Card Collection and unlocking the Tiger pet, you will gain access to a powerful and versatile companion that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. So, make sure to keep an eye out for cards and start working towards completing the Beasts Card Collection!