Adopt Me pets — all the latest in-game companions

Check out the full list of pets you can find and collect in Adopt Me.

Pets have become such a critical part of the ultra-popular Roblox game, Adopt Me!, that it’s easy to forget the game used to be about adopting other players and not its ever-growing stable of virtual animals. Developers Uplift Games have been hard at work churning out new pets with every update. Now, there are so many to collect that it’s difficult to keep track of them all!

Lucky for you, we’ve put together this nifty list of all the Adopt Me pets. We’ve sorted them all by rarity and even included where you can get them. Remember that while many of these pets are no longer obtainable from the in-game Nursery, you can still get your hands on them by trading with another player!

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Types of pets

There are dozens of cute and cuddly pets to collect in Adopt Me! Pets are distinguished by their rarity ranking — common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, legendary — as well as the type of egg they hatch from.

Almost all pets are made available for a limited time. You can still get them by trading with other players for their eggs.

Some pets are only available during events. These “event pets” are usually removed from your pet list once their event has concluded.

Full Adopt Me! Event Pets list

These are all the limited-time Pets only obtainable via events:

Pet NameEventImage
ScoobScoob Event
Reindeer2019 Christmas Event
Pumpkin (Pet)Halloween Event 2020
Pet RockApril Fools’ Day 2020
2D KittyApril Fools’ Day 2021
St BernardWinter Holiday 2021

All the Pets and where to get them

Below is the complete list of all hatchable Pets in the game, their rarity ranks, and which eggs you can get them from.

Note that most Eggs are only available for a limited time, so you may not be able to buy them from the Nursery. However, Eggs remain hatchable even after their events have expired, and you can still trade with other players for Eggs.

Pet NameRarityWhere to Get ItChanceImage
BuffaloCommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg
CatCommonStarter Egg
DogCommonStarter Egg
OtterCommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg
ChickenCommonFarm Egg (no longer buyable)
RobinCommonChristmas Egg (no longer buyable)
BandicootCommonAussie Egg (no longer buyable)
ChickCommonEaster Egg (no longer buyable)
Tasmanian TigerCommonFossil Egg (no longer buyable)
Ground SlothCommonFossil Egg (no longer buyable)
StingrayCommonOcean Egg (no longer buyable)
WolpertingerCommonMythic Egg
WalrusCommonWalrus Box (no longer buyable)
Blue DogUncommonBlue Egg (no longer buyable)
Chocolate LabradorUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Fennec FoxUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Pink CatUncommonPink Egg (no longer buyable)
PumaUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Snow CatUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
MeerkatUncommonSafari Egg (no longer buyable)
Wild BoarUncommonSafari Egg (no longer buyable)
Black PantherUncommonJungle Egg (no longer buyable)
CapybaraUncommonJungle Egg (no longer buyable)
Silly DuckUncommonFarm Egg (no longer buyable)
DrakeUncommonFarm Egg (no longer buyable)
WolfUncommonChristmas Egg (no longer buyable)
DingoUncommonAussie Egg (no longer buyable)
TriceratopsUncommonFossil Egg (no longer buyable)
StegosaurusUncommonFossil Egg (no longer buyable)
GlyptodonUncommonFossil Egg (no longer buyable)
BatUncommonBat Box (no longer buyable)
SnowmanUncommonPurchased for 2000 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
CrabUncommonOcean Egg (no longer buyable)17.5%
DolphinUncommonOcean Egg (no longer buyable)17.5%
2021 Uplift ButterflyUncommonPurchased for 1500 Bucks near Neighborhood (no longer buyable)
KirinUncommonMythic Egg19%
Halloween Black Mummy CatUncommonHalloween Mummy Cat Box (no longer buyable)70%
Halloween Blue ScorpionUncommonPurchased for 300 Candy from the Halloween Shop (no longer buyable)
Snow LeopardUncommonPurchased for 10000 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
BeaverRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg4.83% (Cracked Egg)
6.75% (Pet Egg)
9.25% (Royal Egg)
RabbitRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg4.83% (Cracked Egg)
6.75% (Pet Egg)
9.25% (Royal Egg)
ElephantRareSafari Egg (no longer buyable)18.5%
HyenaRareSafari Egg (no longer buyable)18.5%
BunnyRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg4.83% (Cracked Egg)
6.75% (Pet Egg)
9.25% (Royal Egg)
Snow PumaRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg4.83% (Cracked Egg)
6.75% (Pet Egg)
9.25% (Royal Egg)
Brown BearRareJungle Egg (no longer buyable)18.5%
Australian KelpieRareAussie Egg (no longer buyable)13.5%
CowRareFarm Egg (no longer buyable)13.5%
PigRareFarm Egg (no longer buyable)13.5%
SwanRareChristmas Egg (no longer buyable)7.25%
Polar BearRareChristmas Egg (no longer buyable)7.25%
ShrewRarePurchased for 23,000 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
RatRareRat Box (no longer buyable)93.33%
EmuRareAussie Egg (no longer buyable)13.5%
MonkeyRareMonkey Box, Premium Monkey Box (both are no longer buyable)100% (Monkey Box)
90% (Premium Monkey Box)
RhinoRareJungle Egg (no longer buyable)18.5%
Wooly MammothRareFossil Egg8.33%
DilophosaurusRareFossil Egg8.33%
PterodactylRareFossil Egg8.33%
Musk OxRarePurchased for 3,500 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
LynxRarePurchased for 4,000 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
OxRareOx Box (no longer buyable)60%
NarwhalRareOcean Egg (no longer buyable)15%
SeahorseRareOcean Egg (no longer buyable)15%
MerhorseRareMythic Egg17%
SasquatchRareMythic Egg17%
Halloween Evil DachshundRarePurchased for 1,000 Candy (no longer buyable)
Halloween White Mummy CatRareHalloween Mummy Cat Box (no longer buyable)25%
HuskyRarePurchased for 40,000 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
Summer WalrusRareWalrus Box (no longer buyable)26%
Lunar TigerRareLunar Tiger Box (no longer buyable)60%
Abyssinian CatRarePurchased for 750 Bucks from the Desert Shop
FlamingoUltra-RareSafari Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
HorseUltra-RarePurchased as a Gamepass Pet for 300 Robux (no longer buyable)
LionUltra-RareSafari Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
Red PandaUltra-RareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Shiba InuUltra-RareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
PenguinUltra-RareGive Golden Goldfish (225 Robux) to a Penguin10% chance of Golden Penguin
90% chance of normal Penguin
CrocodileUltra-RareJungle Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
PlaytpusUltra-RareJungle Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
SlothUltra-RarePurchased for 199 Robux from the Pet Shop or the Gamepass
Zombie BuffaloUltra-RarePurchased for 36,000 Candy (no longer buyable)
BeeUltra-RareGive Honey (199 Robux) to Bee87.5%
TurkeyUltra-RareFarm Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
LlamaUltra-RareFarm Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
Arctic FoxUltra-RareChristmas Egg6%
HedgehogUltra-RarePurchased for 80,500 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
DalmatianUltra-RarePurchased for 250 Robux (no longer buyable)
PandaUltra-RarePurchased with Gamepass for 249 Robux
KoalaUltra-RareAussie Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
FrogUltra-RareAussie Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
Ginger CatUltra-RareEarn 210 Stars
ToucanUltra-RareEarn 400 Stars
StarfishUltra-RareEarn 550 Stars
Business MonkeyUltra-Rare3 Briefcase Ingredients and a Monkey (no longer buyable)
Toy MonkeyUltra-Rare3 Cymbal Ingredients and a Monkey
SabertoothUltra-RareFossil Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
DeinonychusUltra-RareFossil Egg (no longer buyable)7.5%
Albino BatUltra-RareBat Box (no longer buyable)20%
Ghost BunnyUltra-RarePurchased for 4,000 Candy (no longer buyable)
YetiUltra-RarePurchased for 6,000 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
Lunar OxUltra-RareOx Box (no longer buyable)30%
LadybugUltra-RareGive Diamond Lavender (199 Robux) to Ladybug87.5%
ClownfishUltra-RareOcean Egg (no longer buyable)10%
LambUltra-RarePurchased for 250 Robux from the Easter Event Stand (no longer buyable)
Red SquirrelUltra-RarePurchased for 200 Robux
HydraUltra-RareMythic Egg10%
WyvernUltra-RareMythic Egg10%
Halloween White SKeleton DogUltra-RarePurchased for 1,200 Candy (no longer buyable)
PuffinUltra-RarePurchased for 120,000 Gingerbread (no longer buyable)
Giant Black ScarabUltra-RareMud Ball60%
Giant Blue ScarabUltra-RareMud Ball37.5%
Lunar White TigerUltra-RareLunar Tiger Box (no longer buyable)30%
DragonLegendaryCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
GiraffeLegendarySafari Egg (no longer buyable)3%
GriffinLegendaryPurchased with Gamepass (600 Robux)
UnicornLegendaryCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Golden PenguinLegendaryGive Golden Goldfish (225 Robux) to Penguin10% chance of Golden Penguin
90% chance of Penguin
ParrotLegendaryJungle Egg (no longer buyable)3%
Shadow DragonLegendaryPurchased with Gamepass (1,000 Robux) no longer buyable
Bat DragonLegendaryPurchased for 180,000 Candy (no longer buyable)
King BeeLegendaryGive Honey (199 Robux) to Bee10%
Queen BeeLegendaryGive Honey (199 Robux) to Bee2.5%
OwlLegendaryFarm Egg (no longer buyable)1.5%
CrowLegendaryFarm Egg (no longer buyable)1.5%
Frost DragonLegendaryPurchased for 1000 Robux (no longer buyable)
Arctic ReindeerLegendaryChristmas Egg (no longer buyable)1.5%
TurtleLegendaryAussie Egg (no longer buyable)1.5%
KangarooLegendaryAussie Egg (no longer buyable)1.5%
Golden UnicornLegendaryEarn 660 Stars and Golden Egg33.3%
Golden GriffinLegendaryEarn 660 Stars and Golden Egg33.3%
Golden DragonLegendaryEarn 660 Stars and Golden Egg33.3%
Diamond UnicornLegendaryEarn 660 Stars and Diamond Egg33.3%
Diamond GriffinLegendaryEarn 660 Stars and Diamond Egg33.3%
Diamond DragonLegendaryEarn 660 Stars and Diamond Egg33.3%
Albino MonkeyLegendaryPremium Monkey Box (no longer buyable)10%
Monkey KingLegendary3 Staff Ingredients (Premium Monkey Box) and a normal Monkey5% chance of getting Staff Ingredient
Ninja MonkeyLegendary3 Scroll Ingredients (600 Bucks) and a normal Monkey
KitsuneLegendaryPurchased for 600 Robux
Evil UnicornLegendaryPurchased for 108,000 Candy (no longer buyable)
Golden RatLegendaryRat Box (no longer buyable)6.66%
DodoLegendaryFossil Egg (no longer buyable)2.5%
T-RexLegendaryFossil Egg (no longer buyable)2.5%
Skele-RexLegendaryPurchased for 10,000 Candy (no longer buyable)
CerberusLegendaryPurchased for 500 Robux
Robo DogLegendaryPurchased for 600 Robux (no longer buyable)
Snow OwlLegendaryPurchased for 10,000 Gingerbread
Frost FuryLegendaryPurchased for 800 Robux (no longer buyable)
Guardian LionLegendaryPurchased for 500 Robux (no longer buyable)
Metal OxLegendaryOx Box (no longer buyable)10%
Golden LadybugLegendaryGive Diamond Lavender (199 Robux) to Ladybug10%
Diamond LadybugLegendaryGive Diamond Lavender to Ladybug2.5%
PeacockLegendaryPurchased for 550 Robux
OctopusLegendaryOcean Egg (no longer buyable)2.5%
SharkLegendaryOcean Egg (no longer buyable)2.5%
CobraLegendaryPurchased for 500 Robux
GoldhornLegendaryMythic Egg2.5%
PhoenixLegendaryMythic Egg2.5%
AxolotlLegendaryPurchased for 600 Robux
Halloween Golden Mummy CatLegendaryHalloween Mummy Cat Boxes (no longer buyable)5%
Halloween White Ghost DragonLegendaryPurchased for 1000 Robux (no longer buyable)
Golden WalrusLegendaryWalrus Box4%
Ice GolemLegendaryPurchased for 1,000 Robux (no longer buyable)
Giant Gold ScarabLegendaryMud Ball2.5%
Lunar Gold TigerLegendaryLunar Tiger Box (no longer buyable)10%
Dancing DragonLegendaryPurchased for 800 Robux (no longer buyable)
Lavender DragonLegendaryGift for purchasing DJ Gamepass (no longer buyable)

Adopt Me! eggs list

The following is the full list of Adopt Me! egg types, where you can get them, and their hatch rates for each pet rarity:

Egg NameWhere to Find ItUncommonCommonRareUltra-RareLegendary

Starter Egg
Play Adopt Me for the first time100%0%0%0%0%

Cracked Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 350 Bucks45%33%14.5%6%1.5%

Pet Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 600 Bucks20%35%27%15%3%

Royal Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 1450 Bucks0%25%37%30%8%

Mythic Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 750 Bucks22%19%34%20%5%

Safari Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 750 Bucks0%45%37%15%3%

Jungle Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 750 Bucks0%45%37%15%3%

Farm Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 750 Bucks20%35%27%15%3%

Aussie Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 750 Bucks30%25%27%15%3%

Fossil Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 750 Bucks25%30%25%15%5%

Ocean Egg
Buy from Adoption Island Nursery for 750 Bucks20%35%30%10%5%

Golden Egg
Reach 660 Stars0%0%0%0%100%

Diamond Egg
Reach 660 Stars (must collect Golden Egg first)0%0%0%0%100%

Everyone begins the game with a free egg that changes into either a dog or a cat.

It’s possible to get free pets and eggs if you log in every day, and you may earn stars for doing so. Playing for an extended period of time will result in a higher star total.

Adopt Me pays you $20 every 15 or so minutes, and these bucks may be used to buy eggs, which you can then sell for money. Additionally, you may earn money by doing tasks and by logging in each day.

Here we are at the end of our Adopt Me pets page. You can download Roblox on Google Play and the App Store for free if you want to play the game yourself.

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