Bitcoin Miner codes (May 2024) — free crates, boosts and more

With our Bitcoin Miner codes list, you'll be mining Bitcoins faster than all the other billionaires in Robloxia!

If you’ve been keeping up to date about all the latest happenings in the metaverse, then you’ll know how popular virtual money has gotten in recent times; from NFT’s to cryptocurrency, everyone is suddenly all about owning digital and virtual assets, and so Roblox didn’t want to be left behind!

Roblox presents you with the unique opportunity to mine bitcoins for fun in their latest video game. So enjoy making some fake, in-game money without the stress of losing actual hard cash and enjoy being able to get aboard the crypto bandwagon. To help you, we’ve also put together this Bitcoin Miner codes guide. So, read on!

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Active Bitcoin Miner codes

  • Anotherblock — Concrete Block
  • FreeLvl — One Level Up
  • SandFloor — Turn Floor into Sand

Expired Bitcoin Miner codes

  • FreeCrate
  • GiveLantern 
  • JustStone
  • Phase3
  • HeadStar
  • 50mil
  • Patch 
  • FreeBoost 
  • sandtower
  • WhiteTree 

What are Bitcoin Miner codes?

Game developers are the best, they understand that sometimes players want some freebies to sweeten the deal and so they provide codes to help level up or gain an accessory to help keep players interested, sweet huh?

How to redeem Bitcoin Miner codes

It’s super simple to redeem Bitcoin Minder codes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Bitcoin Miner
  2. Click on the phone screen at the bottom
  3. Press the codes button
  4. Paste in or punch an active code from our list
  5. Hit confirm
  6. Enjoy all the free stuff!

That’s it, miners! Everything we could tell you about Bitcoin Miner codes. By the way, you seem like a big Roblox fan, so don’t forget to check out our article about Roblox statistics and facts that came out just now about the platform’s performance!