Discord strikethrough — how to cross out text in Discord

Here's the full guide on how to make strikethrough text in Discord chat.

Discord has gradually displaced Skype and TeamSpeak as the go-to voice chat software for gamers. Beyond its excellent voice and video chat functions, what really sets it apart from the competition is its social features, which have made it a portal for finding all sorts of communities. Whatever you’re into, there’s probably a Discord channel for it where you can gather and chat with people just like you.

To support its community-building capabilities, Discord allows its users to stylize their text in chat. You can give weight to certain words with bold, italicize a sentence to infuse it with sarcasm, or even shout out loud in different colors. Discord also supports strikethrough text, but how you go about doing it depends on your keyboard’s language setup. Read up on how to make Discord strikethrough text with this guide.

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How to do strikethrough on Discord

To create strikethrough text, you have to place two tildes (~) on either side of the text you want to strike through. For example, here’s the exact text I wrote in Discord chat to strike through the word “idiot”:

i'm an ~~idiot~~ genius!

And here’s how it came out in Discord chat:

How to type the tilde (~) symbol

If you’re wondering how to type out the tilde symbol on your keyboard, well, that depends on your keyboard language settings. If your system is set up to U.S., Canadian, or Australian English, you can place a tilde by pressing Shift and ` (located to the left of the “1” key on standard QWERTY keyboards):

How to type out the tilde symbol (~) on the standard US/Canada/Australia English QWERTY keyboard.

Here are some key combinations for other keyboard language settings:

Keyboard Language SettingKey Combination
U.S./Canada/Australia EnglishShift + `
U.K. EnglishShift + #
France FrenchAlt Gr + éé
Canada FrenchAlt Gr + çç
GermanAlt Gr + “+”
Portuguese~ followed by a space
ArabicShift + `ذّ
HebrewShift + ~

That’s it for our guide on how to create Discord strikethrough text. Now you can be extra cheeky the next time you’re in chat!

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