KKona meaning and origin explained

Kkona Emoji

KKona is a custom Twitch emote that is typically spammed by users in response to someone when they say or do something seen as stereotypically American or “redneckish”. As you might have guessed from the name that’s Kona, a long-time streamer on Twitch from way back when Justin.tv was still a thing.

How to use the KKona emote

KKona is the first emote to be included in Better Twitch TV (BTTV), a browser extension to improve your Twitch experience in a bunch of ways, one of them being many many more emotes to choose from.

You’ll need to have it installed in order to use the emote on Twitch. Heads up though, people without the extension will just see “KKona” instead of the emote.

An alternative, at least if you’re watching his stream, is subbing to him. That way you’ll get access to the legendary golden KKona, something even BTTV doesn’t have.

KKona emote origin

In 2018, Kona, for the first time ever, revealed the origin of the emote as being from a picture taken with Danielle Spencer, an actress most known for her part in the 70’s show What’s Happening!!, at the Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con.