What Does the ResidentSleeper Emote Mean?

What's the meaning of ResidentSleeper?

Residentsleeper Emote HD TransparentResidentSleeper was a Twitch emote that was used when a stream or a topic was boring.

If you saw this in some streamer’s chat that probably meant you should go ahead and find another stream.

What's the origin of the ResidentSleeper emote?

As you might have guessed the name of the emote comes from a combination of Resident Evil and sleeping.

The origin of ResidentSleeper is from OddlerPro, a long time streamer at it since 2008, that fell asleep on during a 72 hour Resident Evil marathon stream on September 29th, 2012.

It was his third try at a 72 hour Resident Evil marathon and his last attempt. Below you can see his reaction to the stream where the emote came from.

OddlePro strictly streams Resident Evil so if you’re into that you should definitely go check him out.

You can still watch the full stream where magical Twitch history happened.

If you’re up to the challenge.

ResidentSleeper is removed

On June 29, 2016, Twitch removed the ResidentSleeper as a global emote stating:

We will soon retire some older global emotes and remove or replace some others by request. For many of our older global emotes, we only have low resolution 28x28 images (and no original file to improve), and at some point in the future, this size will be relatively obsolete. This is an ongoing effort.

As of today, we have been requested to remove ResidentSleeper and WinWaker. As bummed as we are about these, we’re working on a contest for a new ResidentSleeper. We’ll be making an announcement soonTM.


Sadly as of yet there has never been a contest for a new ResidentSleeper emote.

Poor fellow’s been forgotten about.

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