What does the copium meme mean in Twitch chat?

Not sure what the "copium" meme means? We've got you covered!

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming sites on the Internet where you can find thousands of people playing all of the games you love at any given moment. What drives Twitch as a platform is the community aspect of it. Each stream has a chat where people can send messages to interact with the streamer and other people in the chat. Naturally, something like this can lead to the creation and normalization of some memes, like copium.

But what does the copium mean in Twitch chat? Well, we’re going to give you the answer to that in the rest of the text below. The story of the meme is quite interesting and funny, just like most other things you can find on Twitch.

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Origin of the copium meme

The Copium meme

The copium meme did not originate on Twitch, surprisingly. Its origins actually lie on Reddit, most notably on r/the_meltdown which was especially active in 2016 when Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election. People who did not support him tried to rationalize the positives that his presidency could bring, eventually leading to Trump supporters creating this meme to spite the left. In short, the term “copium” is a combination of the words cope and opium.

What does the copium meme mean in Twitch chat?

Twitch chat can get wild at times, especially when it’s a very prolific and entertaining streamer that warrants such a large audience. Naturally, not everyone can play perfectly and sometimes streamers make mistakes or find themselves in poor situations. When a streamer fails miserably or tries to justify failing in some way, you will most likely see chat messages such as “KEK COPIUM”, “COPIUM OMEGALUL”, “MALDING COPIUM”, and many more variations. This is basically just chat making fun of them because they are trying to save face after failing in some aspect of gameplay, like dying to a boss or a weak enemy. Peak comedy. There is another meme that is the same thing, except copium is replaced with hopium, which is when someone hopes their situation will improve shortly.

Now you can decipher about 0.1% of the messages you see on Twitch. There are many more memes that are even funnier than this one, some of which are ancient when it comes to Internet time. That would be all for now, but before you go, we suggest you take a look at some of our other articles like our Raid: Shadow Legends promo codes.