15 best ESO mod addons that you must have

Most people advance through their favorite games without any addons. It makes sense; you want to progress through the game as intended by the developers. But what if I told you there are games out there that are downright better when the addons are enabled? Elder Scrolls Online is one such title.

ESO has an active community of hobbyist developers that have created addons that enhance and customize the game. However, since the community has shown their love for ESO, there have been thousands of addons that are different and are only useful for certain types of players. So we went and tried out hundreds of addons and made a list of the best ESO addons that are perfect for everyone.

All of these addons are friendly for beginners and pros alike. Although the base game is fun, the community has shown their love for ESO by creating awesome mods and addons that can make ESO a whole better experience!

Here are the best ESO addons we’ve tried.

1. Bag Space Indicator

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The Bag Space Indicator does exactly what it says in the name. You won’t have to worry about how much room is left in your inventory before picking up items. Here are a few key points why you should definitely get this addon:

  • View your gold on the fly without having to open the inventory, which can destroy the immersion.
  • Always know how much room is left on the go.
  • Indicates the three main points from your inventory on-screen (bank space, inventory storage space, and gold).

2. Combat Metrics

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Since most of your leveling up in Elder Scrolls Online is from fighting with various types of enemies, it might be best to know your characters’ metrics that indicate your performance. Here are some points to we should point out why you should get this addon:

  • Discover the weaknesses and strengths of your enemies.
  • Find what resources, abilities, and debuffs from the enemies you faced.
  • Identify what weapons and armor are perfect for the places you will go to beforehand.

3. Votan’s Minimap

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Votan’s Minimap is such an essential addon that will help enhance ESO’s gameplay. Looking for destinations is such an ease without having to pause the game, enter the menu, look for the map, then back to gameplay. Here are the key features why Votan’s Minimap is a plus for ESO:

  • Always on-screen (during gameplay).
  • Shows various point of interests at once
  • Has an indicator of your current position in real-time.

4. Votan’s Rune Tooltips

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Another one of Votan’s addons that’s perfect for ESO. Enchanting items can be a bit confusing, especially since the runes you discover are foreign to you. Minimizing the game and having to look for rune guides on the internet can break the gaming immersion. How can we combat that? Well, Voltan’s Rune Tooltips addon does a perfect job, but before you download this, here are a few points you should know about it beforehand:

  • Describes what type of effects it will give you in weapons, armor, and jewelry.
  • Indicates how many runes are in your crafting bag.
  • It doesn’t break the gaming immersion and saves you time from leaving/minimizing the game to look for an individual runes’ description.

5. Auto Research

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Researching can take a lot of time in ESO, especially trying to increase the skill. Another problem people face is that they forget to continue to improve this stat. However, there is a way to combat this dilemma. The Auto Research addon can:

  • Automatically research trains whenever you are at a crafting station.
  • Store up to 10 researched items in your bank without having to get a headache about what to research.
  • The pieces are chosen based on the fastest research time.

6. Set Collection Marker

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The Set Collection Marker addon for ESO does marvelous things to help with your inventory. Here are a few key aspects of why you should get this addon:

  • Adds an icon within your inventory besides the items in your sticker book/set collection
  • See which items you can use or deconstruct for your collections.
  • The icons function for the inventory, guild banks, crafting stations, banks, transmute stations, trading, guild stores, and trading with merchants.

7. BuffTimers2

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BuffTimers 2 is a unique addon for ESO. This addon allows the player to create stand-alone timer bars for each spell. Here are the key features of this addon:

  • Choose how many timer bars you want to utilize.
  • Customize the size and colors of the timer bars.
  • Add a particular notification sound for each of your spells’ timer bars to notify you when they are ready.

8. The Librarium

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Have you already read all of the +2600 books and notes that can be discovered in ESO? But you still want to read more lore of the ESO world? The Librarium addon does a fantastic job by adding custom books in the ESO. Here are some of the points on why this is an exciting addon to add to ESO:

  • Brings custom stories to the ESO realm.
  • Stories are professionally handcrafted by the community.
  • Each zone contains different stories and lore that can be discovered.

9. Lost Treasure

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Remember when you last saw treasure but forgot where it was placed exactly? The Lost Treasure addon for ESO is perfect for you. With this tool’s help, every treasure you want to find is marked on the Treasure map. Here are the key features in this addon:

  • Shows all of the treasure and survey locations on the map.
  • Built-in minimap that stays on-screen.
  • The compass bar shows a marker when you are close to treasure or a survey location.

10. Urich’s Skill Point Finder

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The Urich’s Skill Point Finder addon for ESO is perfect for perfectionists. It’s an additional menu that shows where you should place your skill points for a character build you want. Here are some points on why you should get this addon for ESO:

  • Skill points show up by type and location.
  • Typing simple commands in the chatbox will show the interface.
  • View all of the skill points you have and haven’t achieved in its menu.

11. Inventory Grid View

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Don’t you hate ESO’s clunky inventory system and want something better? The Inventory Grid View addon is a whole lot better. Here is what you get using this addon:

  • Enable/disable the grid view whenever you want.
  • Compact item icons to show more items on screen.
  • The grid size can be modified for your specific viewing needs.

12. MultiCraft

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The MultiCraft addon for ESO is an amazing tool that will save you tons of crafting hours. In the base game, it’s pretty annoying that you have to craft items one at a time. But MultiCraft makes crafting more efficient. Here is why you should download Multicraft for ESO:

  • Craft as many items at once.
  • At the crafting station, you can increase or decrease the amount you want to craft.
  • CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT increases or decreases by increments of 10.

13. Kill Counter

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The Kill Counter addon lists your kill stats in ESO. You can boast your stats to your friends and track all of your kills and deaths in a straightforward menu. Here are some features you might want in ESO:

  • Counts your kills, deaths, and AP gained throughout your character’s lifetime.
  • See how many killstreaks and killing blows you’ve done.

14. No, Thank You!

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Like every other MMO, tons of popups and notifications on-screen can get pretty annoying after a while. Why not use the No, Thank You! addon for ESO to help clean up the UI from cluttered messages! Here are useful features from this addon:

  • Disable UI popups from appearing on the screen.
  • Get rid of annoying notifications from covering your screen.
  • Turn off Ability Alerts from showing up when battles.

15. Dustman

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Don’t you hate having an unorganized inventory? Especially when you have tons of junk items but don’t want to look for them individually. Well, the Dustman addon for ESO helps with those problems. Here is a list of features on why you should download Dustman:

  • Organize items by their rarity, quality, or traits.
  • Filter out items by their price.
  • Search for junk you don’t want.