16 best Skyrim vampire mods that are must haves

If you want to have funner time in the game, then being a powerful vampire might be the ultimate solution.

In a game like Skyrim, you can see endless themes gathered in the same place. Hence, being a powerful vampire is not an exception. First of all, the Bethesda developers teased the “supernatural” topic with Werewolves’ inclusion through admirable side-quest. In the base game, you have the potential to become a powerful being that goes berserker and kills everything that it sees.

After a while (through Downloadable Content), the vampires took their turn into the Skyrim lore. Similar to the previous creatures, you have the chance to make a character and lurk within the night—haunting lonely prey and draining their blood if they aren’t that careful. Furthermore, the more time you invest in being a vampire, the more powerful you become.

Still, though, the vampiric powers come with a price, which is not seeing the light of the day again. If you’re not careful enough (especially while doing fast travels), you could end up in an open field in the middle of the day and burn yourself. Additionally, if you have a companion as a vampire, he could quickly die from burning spells out of nowhere.

Thankfully, with the aid of mods, we now have the opportunity to increase the potential of the vampire gameplay mechanics. Besides the “looking good” vampirism changes, you could add more optimal changes through your playthrough. As a result, you can modify the advantages/disadvantages of becoming a new vampire lord in Skyrim. Indeed, you pass the time between being a dragon slayer in the evening and a cold killer later at night.

In this article, we’ll give you basic knowledge about the Skyrim vampirism lore, and afterward, you’ll get to see the best mods that you can find on the Internet.

Skyrim Vampire Mods

Before we begin with all the Custom Content that we could find from the Vampire theme, we first need to group them into categories. First off, you have those essential mods that change the game’s layout, interface, or scripts. Indeed, they add lots of modifications that make Skyrim run a lot better and with higher capabilities.

Secondly, you have Custom Content that changes the way your character looks or increases their potential. Like any other RPG in the market, some of these mods add to the player’s immersion. They also have the potential to follow a popular niche and implement elements from other famous franchises.

For the third group, we have those mods that tend to use the AI (artificial intelligence) or those random NPCs that you come across as you travel through Skyrim. Overall, you have the potential to see different elements of the game that make it more “alive.” Indeed, as we have the vampire theme as a focus, we’ll only check that Custom Content related to that subject.

And lastly, the final group contains unanimated (for the most part) elements from Skyrim that make the world more “colorful.” Hence, you’ll find mods with a little vampirism element associated with armor, houses, or different “tools” that could be valuable to the player. If you want to add a bit more darkness to your playthrough, you should consider adding these mods to your game.

1. Better Vampires 8.5 SE (Vampire Overhaul)

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Add better tools to your vampire powers and change how the “disadvantages” work over Skyrim. Tinker with the settings, make your character easily/harder to starve, create blood potions to aid you later on, or even drink from your fellow vampires. The more you welcome the darkness, the more powerful you can become. Furthermore, you can even “drain” powers from other vampires and make them your own. With this fantastic tool, you can make the night live according to how many challenges you want in your playthrough. Most noteworthy, this Custom Content only affects the player, which means that your companions could remain the same. Additionally, you can have more features from this mod if you have the SKSE or SKYUI installed on your computer.

2. Sacrosanct Vampires of Skyrim

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Increase your undead character’s gameplay mechanics with tons of changing options from this mod. From adding new perks to the system and powerful abilities as you drain the life of powerful adversaries. At the same time, you could have different “passive” modifications as you pick the starting race and get more ranks with your playthrough. Furthermore, it adds “Hemomancy” abilities to your character when you drain blood from sleeping victims. Last but not least, you have new recipes that add better status alignments for your nighty Champion.

Player-Wise Skyrim Mods

All of the mods you’ll see in this part of the article aim to change some things related to your character. Furthermore, since we focus on the Vampire setting, you could only see these changes when you turn into a “creature of the night.” Before downloading anything, check the screenshots and see if the new changes make it better for you. Indeed, sometimes you may not like the new “looks” and try something better for you.

3. Better Vampires Eyes and Vampire Fangs

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Add more features to your characters with unique features that make them more appealing to the theme. Even though this Custom Content doesn’t modify anything if you’re playing a khajiit champion, it practically does for anything else. First of all, it reduces the fangs for males and adds them to the female characters, also reduces the “shining” glow from the eyes. Indeed, you could “hide” some of the vampire features and walk among the living.

4. Vampire Lord Form (Retexture)

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If you think that the “vanilla” version of the Vampire Lord looks soft and lacks quality, this is the mod for you. Above all, it adds a better look to the model by making it more “demonic.” Even though Custom Content like this one makes no further changes, pairing it with something similar makes it better in the long run. They do not take too much space in your hard drive and have more straightforward installing methods.

5. Bat Travel

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When you unlock the Vampire Lord Form for your character, you can add more vampire-like ways to travel through Skyrim. With this Custom Content, you can travel between the major cities or famous places over Skyrim. Additionally, when you select a destination, you’ll see a custom animation as your character suddenly turns into mini bats and flies away. Remember to check the in-game time before doing any fast travel to avoid the sunlight and possible catastrophes.

6. Predator Vision – Night Eye and Thermal Vision Overhaul

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See your victims glow across the map as you activate this new ability for your character. Furthermore, it enhances the night vision colors, which make it better for us,  the hunters. As a result, you have the opportunity to use this feature at any time of day, instead of the vanilla full dark mode. Finally, this mod also works for the werewolf form, adding the same features as you turn into a berserker creature.

7. Vampire Skin Color Fix

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Due to some Skyrim bugs, it was hard to make a vampire from the start due to color mismatch. When you use the “showracemenu” in your character creation, you could change the skin color, but the head stays the same. Therefore you now have one of those mods that aim to fix the troubles that the developers left behind. Most noteworthy, check the mod’s compatibility and look if there is any conflict before installing your new files.

NPCs and Companion Mods

Over this part of the article, you’ll find different Custom Content that involves all those NonPlayable Characters (NPCs) that lurk around towns and random encounters from Skyrim. Setting things for those characters makes the game interesting in the long run. Sometimes with even a little change from here and there and all of the people respond differently. Remember that you have full control over their AI (Artificial Intelligence), which means that they can react/ignore things you’ll want. Moreover, you’ll find modifications from the possible vampires that you can see in the game, changing their behavior for the better/worse. As a result, you can find random vampire encounters, followers, or known vampires to react differently.

8. Better Vampire NPCs 1.9

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Different things change when you load this mod into your game. Overall, it adds more random vampire attacks in different parts of Skyrim. Furthermore, these threats have more abilities like teleporting to make any melee strike their victims (including you). At the same time, when you reduce their health, there’s a chance that they will turn into mist and escape the encounter. Last but not least, once you defeat any vampire, you have a random chance to obtain new materials for Alchemy or Blacksmithing. Lastly, you could change the Custom Content’s parameters as you please, removing anything that you feel unnecessary.

9. Vampire Lord Serana

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Having a vampire companion in Skyrim is something else, but having her change into a Vampire Lord is another level. Indeed, when an encounter starts, Serana can change herself into the “ultimate form” and add more versatility to the fight. Still, though, there are some parameters that the AI checks before attempting any possible change. First off, there need to be three different threats in a fight. Secondly, she also changes if there’s a strong enemy or beyond the player’s level. Lastly, she will now change if she’s sitting, swimming, or inside a town.

10. Soren the Vampire – Standalone Companion

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A new vampire/companion that appears when you talk to Sybille Stentor, go to Pinemoon Cave, and discover a strange and powerful woman. When you have a companion with these unique features, it comes with a price. Therefore, you’ll see her randomly feeding with random victims. Still, though, you can control the “hunger” in the mod menu. Additionally, she will increase the level as you progress with your character, which means that she could be useful for the entire game. Most noteworthy, she uses the “Female Sultry” voice lines, making her enjoyable as you try to start a conversation. Lastly, you have the chance to marry the companion and have more interactions with other mods. Remember to hide her from the sunlight or any possible fire spells.

11. Carmilla – Vampire Follower

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Being a Nord race for this companion, you’ll see her as a “standard” human. You can find her between Riften, near Haelga’s Bunkhouse, waiting for you to add her to your journey. Moreover, she uses the familiar Condescending/Sultry voice, which adds some immersion as she follows you around. Lastly, she’s both Essentia and Marriable. Therefore you can never lose her in a batter, and you have more interactions if you want to pass a little more virtual time with her.

Rest of the World Items

In this last part of the article, you’ll find Custom Content that makes Skyrim a little more Vampiric Friendly. First of all, you have those new armor types that can make your (or your companion) vampire champion a lot more badass. Secondly, you have those mods that add a new player home with a darker touch between the walls. Therefore, you can find darker tones and grim front yards. Lastly, in this group, you get to see those “add-ons” that add more Vampiric grounds where you have more chances to come across deadly creatures from the night.

12. Vampire Armor (Volkihar)

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With this mod, you have the chance to acquire a better-looking armor that you can wear with your vampire. To add versatility, it comes with Male and female variations, leaving no one behind. Furthermore, you can make it your own and change the weight with its slider support. Moreover, you can find unique three legendary variations with vampire-like bonus effects found in Volkihar Cathedral. Indeed, you also can craft and standard version (using ebony smithing). Additionally, if you want to increase their potential, they are fully enchantable and upgradeable. Above all, they come with their Heavy and light armor versions, which you can use in different builds.

13. Lustmord Vampire Armour

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Having this mod installed in your game gives you a new multi-component Light Armor that fits both male and female. At the same time, you acquire a new crossbow that can equip standard or explosive fire bolts. Another great addition comes with a questline that lets you investigate a disturbance near Lost Tongue Overlook. Above all, if you equip a full Lustmord armor set, you can increase its capabilities with Blood Potions, which grants an additional 25% armor bonus.

14. Coldhaven – A Vampire City

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Increase the size of the Skyrim map with another place to explore. In this new part, you have the chance to start new questlines and meet new virtual people (NPCs). Furthermore, you can check the vampires that travel between the buildings of this new entire city. To start any quest from Coldhaven, you need to visit the inn/tavern and talk to the place’s owner. Between the possible encounters, these treating vampires have a chance to drop Bloodglass ingots that you can turn into a new weapon. You can choose different lighting between the files, and you can also improve the experience with similar mods.

15. Unique Vampire Dens

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If you feel like many Skyrim places have almost no knowledge about the vampire life and its needs, you can change this with the mod. When you install it for your game, you can discover unique places that satisfy those vampiric needs between famous cities. There are coffins, vampire “food,” and tools to make blood potions within these dens. As a result, if you see that the sun begins to shine, you can look for these places and rest until the night falls.

16. Crypt of the Old Guard

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Add this player home to the game with a touch of darkness for your vampire. Within these walls, you can find a Blood Transmuter station that helps you craft Blood Potions for your champion. Furthermore, you have space for your trusty companions. Lastly, there are four mannequins, two weapon plaques, two dagger display cases, three bookcases, and a single bookshelf in this house.

Overlay/System CC

If you’re new to the game’s mod capabilities, you should consider adding all the possible Custom Content you can find in this group. Most importantly, some of these files add bug fixes and make Skyrim a lot more stable. Furthermore, you can have better options to change things a little bit and make Skyrim your own. Most noteworthy, some of the files you can find in this list have another language compatibility (besides English), making things easier.

Nexusmods.com: This is the website that almost the entire player base use to acquire the best Custom Content. Indeed, you can find some of the mods for the game itself. Sadly, the console gamers (for example, the Xbox community) have no way to access and alter their files through this website. As a result, if you’re playing on PC, you have the potential to make everything your way (without spending a cent).

Nexus Mod Manager: With this tool, you have better control over all the possible mods that you can add to Skyrim. First off, it can assist you when you have new mods to install and gives you the option to uninstall if something weird happens. Additionally, you can change the mod order and check if there is any conflict with your files. In other words, you need to install this program before anything else.

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE): This is a Custom Content that adds better tools to handle your other game files. With different scripts at your disposal, you could enhance everything you have installed in your drive and run it smoothly. It may take a little “computer knowledge” to install the files and make it run for Skyrim, but it is worth the hassle. Remember to have any backup files if you need to overwrite a file and check the forums from Nexusmods if you encounter any troubles.

SkyUI: If this is your first time adding mods to the game, this is a must-have. This type of Custom Content changes all of the possible menus that you can activate over Skyrim—making it easier to read and less confusing when you’re looking for anything in particular. Hence, you could quickly find the stuff over your inventory, all of your spells, the crafting possibilities, and alchemy recipes. Furthermore, it adds assistance to the player by adding the delay from your spells and abilities in the UI (User Interface). Finally, you can configure the font size and find other options that make the mod more friendly to the player.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Until this day (and until the next Elder Scrolls releases), we have the opportunity to experience this game with its full glory. Indeed, even though the Special Edition became available to the gaming community in 2016, we still find something new to see. As a result, when you restart the journey once again, with Custom Content, you could see something different as you venture between dungeons.

Overall, the developer team took their time to release modding tools and indirectly optimized its longevity. Still, they took some missteps by adding prices to some “uninspired” mods with the Creatio Club sub-menu. Most noteworthy, you could find better options over the Nexusmods and without a price tag.

Indeed, with every gameplay mechanic that we see in The Elder Scrolls: V: Skyrim Special Edition, we have the potential to find something innovating over the Internet. For example, you could find different files that fix all the bugs from the original developers.

Dawnguard DLC

Unlike the Dragonborn add-on pack that lets you ride dragons (although it still sounds incredible), in Dawnguard, you have two stories to explore. On the one hand, you have the chance to join the Dawnguards, a faction that wants to hunt and destroy any vampirism over Skyrim. At the same time, you could ignore their request and join the Vampires instead.

Hence, if you choose one side, you could start a new save and give it a try and join the “enemy” instead. To access all of the content from this DLC, you need a character with level 10. Above all, when you pick the “darker” side, you can become a new menacing creature—giving you access to powerful abilities and game-changing mechanics.

Vampire Lore in the Elder Scrolls

Through different “Books” from all over Skyrim, we understood how vampires started within these lands. We won’t give the exact details, but somehow it is a mixture between a Skyrim god (Daedric Prince Molag Bal) and some virgins. Overall, the blood of that “divine” entity mixed with some mortals made some magic, and BOOM, now Skyrim has vampires all over the place.

Indeed, since they require blood from other people to survive, vampirism is never accepted over any “good” colony from these lands. Therefore, the Dawnguard hunters devote their lives to erase this “plague” as soon as possible.

Nowadays, as a unique Dragonborn, you have the opportunity to join the vampiric ranks and add more mixture to the uniqueness. As a result, with these powers at your disposal, you could ride some powerful dragons, shout weird words, and drain the life out of the “innocent.”

Become a Vampire Lord

Within the Dawnguard DLC campaign, you have different opportunities to become a vampire yourself. Furthermore, instead of just growing some fangs and becoming pale, you have more features in this game. Indeed, one of the fantastic features of Skyrim is that you could turn yourself into a Vampire Lord with unique powers and possibilities. For example, you could add night vision or turn into lots of little bats to avoid any damage.

Additionally, you get a perk tree where you could add more spells at your disposal (like summoning gargoyles) and truly become a full vampire. Still, though, when you welcome the “ways of the night” further, you will have some adverse outcomes as well. Above all, if the light of the day hits you. You’ll practically burn yourself instantly and die if you’re not careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Play as a Vampire in the Vanilla Skyrim?

If you have Skyrim Special Edition or the original Skyrim with the Dawnguard DLC, you can start the questline at level ten.

What Happens When You Become a Vampire?

What Happens When You Become a Vampire?
You begin a “curse” that lasts for three days that nullify if you find a cure. Otherwise, you become a creature of the night when the time expires, and you drink blood for the first time.

What is a Vampire Lord?

Within Skyrim is a transformation that every vampire has within their arsenal. With a button, you can become a deadly bat-like creature with extraordinary abilities at your disposal. Furthermore, the more you drink blood, the powerful you become.

Which Are the Vampire Weaknesses?

First off, you start to lose health if the light of the day touches you and die if you cannot find cover. Consequently, you get more “burn” damage from spells, and some NPCs may despise you.