Roblox birthday — when is Roblox anniversary?

Jump into the celebration and earn some rewards!

Roblox has been going strong for more than 15 years now, pushing new updates and adding new content to make sure that all the current players enjoy themselves as much as possible. Over the years, Roblox has celebrated many birthdays and even organized special events for their birthday.

The defining factor of Roblox’s birthday is that they usually give out free stuff for a two-week period after the date, so it’s a good opportunity to grab some exclusive items and show that you’re a dedicated player who has stuck around for a while. You might be asking yourself “when is Roblox birthday? I want some rewards!”, well, we will give you all of that info, as well as what types of items you can get, so you can have it in mind when the date comes.

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When is Roblox birthday?

September 1st! Keep this date in mind so that you can jump on the chance to celebrate the iconic game in 2024, as well as the many others to come. It is a time of celebration for everything the developers have done for the players in their long, 15 year journey to create an iconic game. In terms of items, last year you could have gotten a Party Unicorn Floatie, Cake Mask, Frosting Flyers, Sugar Shades, Party Fedora, and Cake Topper. You can expect to see the same sort of things in 2024 too, and knowing all of this in advance will help you stay organized and prepared for when the day comes.

Now you have everything you need to celebrate Roblox’s birthday in good spirit! Let’s face it, the developers deserve to have some recognition for creating Roblox as it has brought immense amounts of joy and fun to countless players worldwide. Knowing things about Roblox can help you understand it properly, and there’s no better way to do that than to check out Roblox statistics, an intuitive article that gives you some great info on an even greater game.