Best light armor in Skyrim guide

Surrender is never an option in the middle of a dangerous battle between ancient dragons or powerful sorcerers. Sometimes, a well-known RPG (Role-Playing Game) player tends to use different skills to gain the upper hand. In other circumstances, having the right set of items might take your winning chances to another level.

Elements like the previous examples make video games from this genre a lot more interesting. Indeed, when you’re starting the journey and have sticks or stones to defend yourself, it may look complicated. But afterward, when you’re ready to clash with the final boss and carry magical swords and glass armor, it seems that nothing can stop you.

This time around, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes this genre to another level with its game variety and powerful exploration capabilities. Sometimes, you leave the main story aside as you move around the map and complete the multiple dungeons and exciting locations.

Furthermore, you have the potential to discover powerful weapons and armor from different hidden places. Indeed, even if you’re not lucky enough, you still can craft your equipment and improve your performance in a battle. As a result, keep all your leather strips, ebony ingots, and anything else that seems worthy. When your smithing level rises, you will have the opportunity to craft the most substantial equipment in the game.

In this article, we’ll discuss the exciting properties of the armor types that you could find in Skyrim. Afterward, we’ll focus on the Light Armor, its capabilities, and how to improve its efficiency.

Armor properties in Skyrim

Like any other RPG in the market, Skyrim’s armor helps you increase your defense against any possible danger. Still, though, there are different gameplay elements in between that make a single piece of equipment better than others.

First of all, any armor rating and its efficiency have ties with the current character progression. Indeed, at first, you’ll find what seems to be “regular shirts” that barely give any protection. But, when you have more than 20 hours in the game, the drop pool appears to become a lot more exciting and worth trying out.

Secondly, with Skyrim, you can “see” what your hero is wearing at the moment. Therefore, whenever you equip a single item or a full set of armor, the model will change as well. Speaking of “full armor set,” when you gather enough pieces of the same type of equipment, you’ll also get additional bonuses. For example, a full Daedric set increases the possibility to intimidate someone in the middle of a conversation.

Last but not least, every piece of armor that you find while you’re traveling through different dungeons may have additional characteristics. Indeed, some drops could come with an “enchanting” bonus that could potentially aid your other abilities. Similar to their possible efficiency, these improvements can get higher with your character progression. As a result, you could find armor with the “alchemy” enchant that adds improvements when creating potions.

Light armor versus heavy armor

There are fundamental gameplay mechanics between these two types that could change how you approach and take any game encounter. Besides the difference in their looks, there are many characteristics between the types of equipment. To give you a better idea of their performance in the game, we will check both types’ pros and cons.

Heavy armor

Among its advantages, the first to consider is the more significant number of Perks to obtain when you’re wearing this type of armor. Additionally, Skyrim seems to give a lot of interest in the heavy armor due to its variety when you find or craft any piece. Finally, with the defense stats that any heavy armor possesses, you could sustain more damage from physical attacks.

The bad part of wearing any heavy armor is the potential noise you make while walking or trying to sneak behind an enemy. Therefore, they could hear you and turn around before you get the opportunity to land a deadly strike. Plus, your stamina might barely work since the bar drains quicker when you try to run with this type of equipment. At the same time, your movement slows down as you travel between dungeons.

Overall, the heavy armor takes a lot of movement from you, but it gives you survivability when the fight starts, and you need to slay a bunch of monsters.

Light armor

First of all, the light armor takes all the other types of equipment’s disadvantages and turns them around. Hence, when you’re wearing any set from this category, you’ll become more dexterous, allowing you to make less noise while you’re walking around. Furthermore, your stamina bar will thank you as it drains considerably less. Finally, since it practically weighs nothing, you can have more stuff in your inventory.

Sadly, you have fewer options to wear since Skyrim comes with minimal alternatives to compare it with the heavy armor. Additionally, since its defense bonuses have less impact in a battle, you’ll receive more damage from physical attacks.

In conclusion, the light armor gives you a lot of options when you’re outside of combat. With some sneaking attacks and planned movement, you could easily avoid any fight and kill your opponents without raising any alarms. If the situation becomes dire, you could make a run for your life and come back after a few seconds.

Best light armor sets

Even though Skyrim’s light armor comes with some setbacks, it is still the best choice to start a new character. Indeed, in this game, one of the favorites builds from the start is the sneaking/bow combo. Taking this into consideration, we give you some examples that can increase your potential in Skyrim.

Forsworn armor

Become one with nature as you make yourself look like a druid with this armor combination. Although it gives the same stats as the base “light armor” set, the difference comes with the aesthetic. In Skyrim, the only way to farm different pieces is to kill some members of the Forsworn tribe. As a result, you have the opportunity to complete it quickly since you see these “mobs” from the start. The Forsworn set gives you 52 base armor, weighs 12lbs, and has a 190g base value.

Morag Tong armor

To unlock this variation, you’ll need to obtain the Dragonborn DLC and kill some Morag Tong Assassins. Overall, the Morag Tong armor is darker, less recognizable, and comes with fewer stats variant of the Chitin Armor. Therefore, focus on getting the full set when you’re starting the game and afterward trading it for something better. With the vast difference in monsters that you can find in the game, looting for another light armor won’t be any trouble. The Morag Tong set gives you 53 base armor, weighs 10.5lbs, and has a 212g base value.

Dawnguard armor

This set is another light armor that requires additional content. This time around is the Dawguard DLC. Pretty much, you could obtain set pieces from any Dawnguard member (the vampire hunters), or you can purchase the components from Gunmar whenever you have enough resources still. However, you can get it for free if you complete the “A New Order” questline or find it around Fort Dawnguard. The Dawnguard set gives you 61 base armor, weighs 10.5lbs, and has a 365g base value.

Nightingale armor

Obtainable from the NPC (Non-Playable Character) Karliah between the questline “Trinity Restored” inside the Thieves Guild. Pretty much is a reward when you complete Nightingale’s initiation ritual inside the Nightingale Hall. Above all, this is a one-time reward that means that you cannot farm any future variation. Hence, if you get it early in the game, the light armor could come with low enchantment stats. Due to the “looks” that this light armor gives and the base starts, it is considered one of Skyrim’s best sets. The Nightingale set gives you 69 base armor, weighs 18lbs, and has a variable base value.

Guild Master’s armor

To obtain this light armor, you need to complete a lot of activities with the Thieves Guild. First of all, you need to return the Thieves Guild to its former glory, which means completing the main questline and all city influence quests for Delvin or Ver. Afterward, you’ll get the Guild Master’s armor as a reward during the “Under New Management” questline from the NPC Tonilia. Due to the number of positive attributes (with lockpicking, pickpocket, carrying capacity, and lower prices), you should obtain this light armor when you have the chance. The Guild Master’s set gives you 76 base armor, weighs 17lbs, and has a 700g base value.

Stalhrim Light armor

To farm this light armor, you need to reach level 35 and have the Dragonborn DLC. This particular equipment appears between random loot in chests and as a world item. Also, it can be worn by some bosses in random encounters. In contrast, though, you can make this set with smithing level 80 and the Ebony perk. Lastly, you could buy it from the NPC Blador Iron-Shaper in the Skaal Village. The Stalhrim armor gives you 39 base armor, weighs 7lbs, and has a 925g base value.

Ancient Falmer armor

One of the game’s unique light sets appears when you “loot” the Arch-Curate Vyrthur corpse. He spawns in the questline “Touching the Sky.” Since it lacks the helmet and shield, the bonuses tend to stay low but is still a great choice. In Skyrim, this variety comes with the same base stats as a Glass Armor. The Ancient Falmer set gives you 60 base armor, weighs 11lbs, and has a 1280g base value.

Dragonscale armor

This particular light armor unlocks when you reach some requirements with your character. First of all, the easiest way is to get level 50 and farm different chests and containers. Secondly, you could focus on gathering the “Dragon Armor” perk, which unlocks it as you continue playing. Additionally, you could earn a couple of pieces if you’re fortunate with the loot you gather. Finally, you can craft it with smithing level 100 and the Dragon Armor perk. The Dragonscale set gives you 111 base armor, weighs 26lbs, and has a 3600g base value.

Ancient Shrouded armor

Obtainable when you conclude the Dark Brotherhood questline “Locate the Assassin of Old.” Afterward, you can upgrade it to its “final form” whit smithing over 100 and have the Arcane Blacksmith perk. Different parts of the light armor give you amazing bonuses like poison resistance, muffled movement, and increases damage with bows and sneak attacks. The Ancient Shrouded set gives you 72 base armor, weighs 7.5lbs, and has a 2346g base value.

Deathbrand armor

Appearing in different “Ancient Chests” during the quest “Deathbrand.” Indeed, you need to search for it before completing the quest requirements. Each part of the set is available in a different location (4 ancient chests in total) of the coast/cave. One of the unique perks of this great armor is the ability to have “Waterbreathing” as you dive deep underwater. The Deathbrand set gives you 78.5 base armor, weighs 13lbs, and has a 11269g base value.

Light armor archetypes (playstyle)


In Bethesda’s Skyrim, you have the opportunity to use the light armor in different ways to gain the advantage of its perks. First of all, you can be a melee silent assassin that uses short swords. When you follow this road, learn your enemy’s movements and kill those guards/monsters that appear alone or have a constant pattern. Indeed, your attack damage increases with silent movement and sneak strikes. Furthermore, with additional armor skill, you could sustain more damage if they discover your position.


Secondly, you could go and attack at a distance with a bow. With Light Armor, you have the chance to move quickly and obtain damage from afar. The combination you could gather between perks gives you a better upper hand when dealing with distracted enemies. Overall, a fantastic playstyle since it keeps you secure from any harm.

We hope you gather a little knowledge about Skyrim’s light armors and how to take advantage of their perks with this article.