Warframe Control Modules guide – best ways to farm

Control Modules are components used for crafting Corpus technology and some of the equipment for your Tenno operator. They’re also necessary to craft components required to make certain Warframes, such as the Rhino.

You can find Control Modules in Europa, Neptune, and the Void as drops that you can obtain from enemies or containers. Technically, Control Modules are classified as Rare components, but they can be acquired quickly and in large amounts in the Void after successfully completing only a few missions. Control Modules can now also be directly purchased from the market for 10 Platinum.

You can get a decent amount of Control Modules quite early into the game, so it’s worth spending some time to farm them as soon to build up a stock that you can use to craft equipment later on down the line.

Where and how to get Control Modules

Control Modules can be obtained from Neptune, Europa, or the Void either as drops from enemies or by breaking open containers.

Of the three farming spots for Control Modules, The Void is the best spot by far since it has a relatively high drop rate, making it the preferred farming location for Control Modules.

The Void is also accessible quite early in the game, and the best missions for farming Control Modules only recommend your operator be at level 10-20. Neptune is an option for higher-level players, but the drop rate for Control Modules there is quite low in comparison to the Void. Players usually go there for dedicated farming of other resources, gaining Control Modules in the process. 

Europa used to be a decent farming spot for Control Modules, but recent patches have made it a terrible place to expect to get Control Modules – it’s not worth bothering at all.

The Void

New players eager to get their hands on their first new Warframe, the Rhino, will need a Control Module to craft the Rhino Neuroptics component.

Luckily, you can get Control Modules fairly early in the game by playing from Mars and through the Phobos route to the Void. The first few missions in that path are low-level and have an excellent drop rate for Control Modules.

Low- to mid-level Farmers

If you’re playing Solo, the very first mission in The Void, Teshub, spawns containers with a decent drop rate for Control Modules.

Since it’s an Exterminate mission, you can also run through the stage by yourself fairly quickly. Be sure to scour every inch of the map for containers and clear the map of enemies if you want to farm efficiently.

The third mission in that path, Taranis, takes a bit longer to complete but spawns tons of enemies that each has the potential to drop Control Modules. Control Modules drop in packs of 1-3; just a few runs through Taranis will earn you a decent pot of Control Modules that you can use to craft weapons and equipment. 

It’s worth coming back to this spot when you’re a bit stronger as you’ll be able to power through the waves of enemies much more quickly, farming Control Modules at a much faster rate.

Keep in mind the Taranis stage is a Defense mission so we suggest playing with a squad. Get your friends together or queue into an open squad if you want to complete the mission quickly.

The most efficient way for farming Control Modules is to play through T1 or T2 Survival Missions.

Survival Missions, like the one on Ani, can last for as long as you want, so if you’ve got the time to spend on Survival, you’ll find yourself swimming in Control Modules in just a few hours. Go to recruitment chat and join a T1 or T2 Survival squad and get to farming!

High-level farmers

If you really want to start raking in the Control Modules and you’ve got the appropriate loadout and levels, the fastest way to farm Control Modules is on Mot or Aten.

The game recommends a level of 30-35 for these stages and you’ll need a decent squad if you want to make it through them at a decent pace.

These higher-level stages provide more drop opportunities since they spawn more enemies than the lower-level options. And since they’re Defense and Survival stages, they last much longer and spawn multiple waves of enemies which, of course, means more chances to get a Control Module drop.


Control Modules have the chance to drop on most missions in the Neptune network, but they’re much rarer than in The Void, which is why we recommend farmers go there to get their Control Modules.

As usual, be sure to check every corner for containers and storage lockers and clear out the enemies as quickly as possible if you want to farm with any efficiency on Neptune.

Neptune is definitely too far along for most new players that want to obtain Control Modules.

Teshun and Taranis in The Void have recommended levels of 10-20, whereas the Neptune missions recommend a level of 30-40. Most players this far into the campaign are in Neptune to farm Nano Spores, but naturally get Control Modules in the process.


Europa used to be a decent place to farm for Control Modules.

Players would take on the Namaah mission on Europa where the Raptor boss has a decently high chance of dropping a pack of Control Modules. However, Update 9.0 has made it so Raptor no longer drops Control Modules.

The overall drop rate in Europa is quite poor, so we’d recommend not wasting your time trying to farm Control Modules in this system.

Other ways to get Control Modules

If you’re feeling lucky and don’t want to power through the Mars and Phobos missions to get to The Void – which is roughly 1/3 through the main campaign – there’s also a chance to get Control Modules from bounty rewards on Fortuna or the Plains of Eidolon. Additionally, keep an eye out for Alert Missions that have a chance to drop Control Modules.

Control Modules are untradable so you can’t ask for another player to give them to you. However, If you find yourself struggling to complete missions in The Void, it’s always worth going into recruitment chat and asking for help.

The Warframe community is a pretty positive one and there’s a decent chance you’ll find a generous veteran player who doesn’t mind giving up a bit of their time to help carry you through the Survival or Defense missions in The Void.

You can also try your luck in The Conclave as there’s a chance of dropping Control Modules there. Don’t expect much, though, as the competition is fierce and the drop rate is tiny.

And, of course, if you want the Control Module right now, you always have the option of spending your Platinum on one.

As of Update 9.0, Control Modules can be purchased from the Market for 10 Platinum a piece. If you’re early on in the game and want to get your hands on the Rhino or Excalibur as soon as possible, it might be worth spending some of your starting Platinum on a Control Module from the market.

Our personal recommendation?

Don’t waste your Platinum or try your luck in Europa.

If you haven’t unlocked all the planets needed to get to The Void, we’d still suggest you run your way through the main mission to get there as soon as possible since the Control Module drop rates there are significantly higher than anywhere else in the game.

Blueprints that you can obtain with Control Modules

A good deal of weapons and Frames in Warframe require Control Modules to build, so once you’re in The Void it’s always good to spend a few hours farming them in Survival or Defense Missions. Here’s a complete list of the Blueprints that require Control Modules.

Blueprint NameItem TypeControl Modules Needed
Amesha SystemsComponent1
Arca PlasmorPrimary weapon25
Arca SciscoSecondary weapon15
ArgonakPrimary weapon10
Ash Prime SystemsComponent3
Ash SystemsComponent1
Banshee ChassisComponent1
Banshee Prime SystemsComponent10
Banshee SystemsComponent1
BuzlokPrimary weapon10
CastanasSecondary weapon3
Chroma Prime ChassisComponent10
ConvectrixPrimary weapon10
Detonite InjectorResource1
Dual DecurionPrimary weapon2
Elytron SystemsComponent1
Ember Prime SystemsComponent1
Ember SystemsComponent1
Equinox Day Aspect SystemsComponent1
Equinox Night Aspect SystemsComponent1
Excalibur SystemsComponent1
Frost Prime SystemsComponent1
Frost SystemsComponent1
Harrow SystemsComponent15
Hydroid NeuropticsComponent1
Hydroid Prime SystemsComponent10
HystrixSecondary weapon15
Incubator Power CoreComponent1
Itzal SystemsComponent1
Ivara SystemsComponent5
Ivara Zirastra HelmetCosmetic20
Limbo SystemsComponent1
Loki Prime SystemsComponent3
Loki SystemsComponent1
Mag Prime SystemsComponent3
Mag SystemsComponent1
Mantis AvionicsComponent8
Mirage Prime SystemsComponent10
Mirage SystemsComponent1
Mirage Trivelin HelmetCosmetic2
Mutagen MassResource1
Nekros Prime SystemsComponent3
Nekros SystemsComponent1
Nezha SystemsComponent1
Nova Prime SystemsComponent3
Nova SystemsComponent1
Nyx Prime SystemsComponent3
Nyx SystemsComponent1
Oberon NeuropticsComponent1
Oberon Prime NeuropticsComponent10
Odonata Prime SystemsComponent1
Orokin CatalystComponent1
Pangolin SwordMelee weapon1
PentaPrimary weapon3
PyranaSecondary weapon3
RathboneMelee weapon1
Revenant SystemsComponent3
Rhino Prime SystemsComponent3
Rhino SystemsComponent1
SarpaMelee weapon2
Saryn SystemsComponent1
Scimitar AvionicsComponent8
TalonsSecondary weapon3
TetraPrimary weapon2
Titania SystemsComponent1
TonboMelee weapon2
Trinity Prime SystemsComponent3
Trinity SystemsComponent1
Twin BasolkMelee weapon2
Valkyr Prime SystemsComponent3
Valkyr SystemsComponent1
Vauban SystemsComponent1
VelocitusPrimary weapon3
Volt ChassisComponent1
Volt Prime SystemsComponent3
Wukong ChassisComponent1
Xiphos AvionicsComponent8
ZaktiSecondary weapon8
Zephyr ChassisComponent1
Zephyr SystemsComponent1

In total, you’ll need 322 Control Modules to research and craft all of the items listed above.

Not everyone will want – or need – to farm the Control Modules to get each of the items above.

Completionists, however, might look at that number and sigh at the inevitable hours of grinding they’ll have to submit themselves to collect 322 Control Modules.

This might seem like a gargantuan task, but spend a few hours doing Survival and Defense missions on the low-level missions in The Void and you’ll find yourself with more Control Modules than you know what to do with.


In summary, Control Modules are resources required to craft and research a wide variety of weapons, Frame systems, and other components. They’re considered a Rare item, though they’re not as uncommon as one would think.

There are three possible farming spots that drop Control Modules in Warframe: Europa, Neptune, and The Void.

Recent patches have significantly lowered the drop rate of Control Modules in Europa and players shouldn’t hope for much luck in that system. Neptune’s missions have decent Control Module drop rates but it’s too far along in the game and the level requirements are too high for new players. The Void is the farming location of choice.

All missions in The Void can spawn containers or enemies that have a chance to drop Control Modules.

The recommended missions are Teshub and Taranis for low-level players. Teshub is a fair option for Solo players as it’s quick to get through even when you’re playing on your own. If you can find a squad, Taranis’ Defense mission is a much more productive option for farming.

Higher-level players can choose to play on Mot or Aten. 

Both missions spawn multiple waves of enemies at a high rate, improving your overall chances of getting a Control Module. Since Control Modules drop in packs of 1-3, you can easily walk away from a mission with a dozen or more Control Modules.