Warframe daily tribute and login rewards

Daily Tribute login rewards

Gone through all the promo codes there are for Warframe? Looking for some free goodies? Worry not! The developers of Warfame have implemented a system to keep you logging in and playing the game each day.

What is it? A random reward! 🎁

Below you see what you have a chance of winning something of in the table below. Unfortunately we don’t know what the exact drop rates for these rewards are since Digital Extremes, the people behind Warframe, have yet to release those statistics.

Credits10,000 + Day × 50
Endo80 × Round(1 + Day / 200)
Relic PackRound(3 × [1 + Day / 100])
Affinity BoosterRound(3 × [1 + Day / 100])Used immediately
Credit BoosterRound(3 × [1 + Day / 100])Used immediately
Resource BoosterRound(3 × [1 + Day / 100])Used immediately
Resource Drop Chance BoosterRound(3 × [1 + Day / 100])Used immediately
Cryotic50 + Round(Day / 4)
GalliumRound(1 + Day / 200)
MorphicsRound(1 + Day / 200)
Mutagen MassRound(1 + Day / 200)
Mutagen SampleRound(2 + Day / 100)
Neural SensorsRound(2 + Day / 100)
NeurodesRound(1 + Day / 200)
Orokin CellRound(1 + Day / 200)
Oxium100 + Day / 2
TelluriumRound(1 + Day / 200)
20% Platinum discount PC only
30% Platinum discount PC only
40% Platinum discount PC only
50% Platinum discount PC only
60% Platinum discount PC only
70% Platinum discount PC only
75% Platinum discount PC only
25% Market discountConsole only
50% Market discountConsole only
75% Market discountConsole only
Forma BlueprintRound(1 + Day / 400)
Random Warframe BlueprintOnly those not full mastered
Random Weapon BlueprintOnly those not full mastered
Syndicate Medallions

Drops scale with each day that you consecutively log in. So the more days in a row you log in the more valuable your drop will be. Note that you don’t have to actually play the game just login and you’ll be good.

Daily Tribute milestone rewards

There are pre-planned “milestone” rewards that you will get starting at Day 50. You are awarded either Sigil and Resources choices, Primed Mod choices, or Weapon choices. The only exceptions to this is Day 800 when you get the Lodestar Syandana and Day 1000 when you get the Lodestar Armor Set.

Below you can see the pre-scheduled Tribute rewards that you will get.

50Sigil and Resources
150Sigil and Resources
200Primed Mod
250Sigil and Resources
350Sigil and Resources
400Primed Mod
450Sigil and Resources
550Sigil and Resources
600Primed Mod
650Sigil and Resources
750Sigil and Resources
800Lodestar Syandana
850Sigil and Resources
900Primed Mod
950Sigil and Resources
1000Lodestar Armor Set

Do Tributes just end at day 1000? 😞 Luckily for Tennos they don’t! 😁 Beginning at Day 1050, a forever alternating set of Evergreen reward choices will occur every 50 Days. You will be able to choose one of three options, depending on which Evergreen group choice is rewarded that day:

Evergreen Choices A:

  • 3 x Forma
  • 3 x Exilus Adapter
  • 4 x Weapon Slots

Evergreen Choices B:

  • 50,000 Kuva
  • 7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource)
  • 30,000 Endo

Evergreen Choices C:

  • 3 x Rifle Riven
  • 3 x Melee Riven
  • 3 x Secondary Riven

How can you check login days?

All that said how can you actually see how many days in a row you logged in?

The only way that you can do this is when you actually login. This goes for all platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. When you login and get your daily reward it will show the number of “days played” and below how many more days you have until the next milestone. See the screenshot above for an example.