Warframe release order — next prime & non–prime schedule

Keep track of all Warframe releases.

Digital Extremes

With so many Warframes coming out, it can be hard to keep track. This is a definitive list of all Warframe release in order. Included are every new Prime and non-Prime frame (as some call them) and their release date and type. You can also see what the next Prime is speculated to be. At the moment, there’s a total of 93 Warframe characters to choose from, 40 Primes and 53 non-Primes.

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Predicted Warframe Prime release order schedule

Below you can see the suspected Warframe Prime release order schedule. Typically it’s around 100 days between every Prime release, so the next Prime comes out roughly every season. Also, there’s a pattern of releases being two males or two females in a row and then alternating.

WarframeSpeculated ReleaseType
Wisp PrimeSummer 2023
Gauss PrimeFall 2023Male
Grendel PrimeWinter 2023Male

2023 Warframe release order

In 2023, there were 2 Warframe released, 1 being Prime.

Hildryn PrimeMarch 15, 2023Female32.3.6
CitrineFebruary 15, 2023Female32.2

2022 Warframe release order

In 2022, there were 7 Warframe released, 4 being Prime.

Baruuk PrimeDecember 22, 2022Male31

VorunaNovember 30, 2022Female31
Revenant PrimeOctober 5, 2022Male30.7
StyanaxSeptember 7, 2022Male30.5
Khora PrimeJuly 16, 2022Female30.3
GyreApril 27, 2022Female30.0
Garuda PrimeMarch 22, 2022Female29.9

2021 Warframe release order

In 2021, there were 7 Warframe released, 4 being Prime.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
CalibanDecember 15, 202131Male
Harrow PrimeDecember 15, 202131Male
Nidus PrimeSeptember 8, 202130.7Male
YareliJuly 6, 202130.5Female
Gara PrimeMay 25, 202130.3Female
SevagothApril 13, 202130.0Male
Octavia PrimeFebruary 23, 202129.9Female

2020 Warframe release order

In 2020, there were 6 Warframes released, 3 of them being Prime. The first composite Warframe, Xaku, was introduced.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
LavosDecember 19, 202029.6Male
Nezha PrimeOctober 27, 202029.3Male
XakuAugust 25, 202029.0Composite
Inaros PrimeJuly 14, 202028.2Male
ProteaJune 11, 202028.0Female
Titania PrimeMarch 31, 202027.3.6Female

2019 Warframe release order

In 2019, a total of 8 Warframes were released. Of these, 4 were Prime Warframes, and 4 were non-Prime Warframes. In terms of types, there are four males and four females.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
Ivara PrimeDecember 17, 201927.0.4Female
GrendelOctober 31, 201926.0Male
Atlas PrimeOctober 1, 201925.8Male
GaussAugust 29, 201925.7Male
Wukong PrimeJuly 6, 201925.3Male
WispMay 22, 201925.0Female
Equinox PrimeApril 2, 201924.5.8Female
HildrynMarch 8, 201924.4.0Female

2018 Warframe release order

In 2018, a total of 10 Warframes got released. 6 Prime Warframes and four non-Prime Warframes were released. Digital Extremes released the first and only Umbra this year. The Excalibur Umbra Prime was released as a part of the China Founders pack for the Chinese build. Mesa and Zephyr from 2014 got Prime releases, as did Chroma and Limbo from 2018. There were six males and four females.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
Mesa PrimeDecember 18, 201824.2.2Female
BaruukDecember 18, 201824.2Male
GarudaNovember 8, 201824.0Female
Chroma PrimeSeptember 25, 201823.9Male
RevenantAugust 24, 201823.5Male
Limbo PrimeJune 19, 201823.0.3Male
Excalibur UmbraJune 15, 201823.0Male
Excalibur Umbra PrimeJune 15, 201823.0Male
KhoraApril 20, 201822.18Female
Zephyr PrimeMarch 20, 201822.16.4Female

2017 Warframe release order

In 2017, like the year before it, only 7 Warframes were released. 4 Prime Warframes and three non-Prime Warframes were released. Mirage and Hydroid from 2014 got Prime releases, as did Oberon and Banshee from 2013. There were four males and three females.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
Mirage PrimeDecember 12, 201722.7Female
GaraOctober 12, 201722.0Female
Hydroid PrimeAugust 29, 201721.6Male
HarrowJune 29, 201721.0Male
Oberon PrimeMay 30, 201720.6.2Male
OctaviaMarch 24, 201720.0Female
Banshee PrimeFebruary 28, 201719.11.5Female

2016 Warframe release order

In 2016,  there were just 7 Warframes released. 4 Prime Warframes and three non-Prime Warframes were released. Warframes Valkyr, Nekros, Vauban, Saryn from 2013 received Prime updates. There were four males and three females.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
NidusDecember 12, 201619.5Male
Valkyr PrimeNovember 22, 201619.07Female
Nekros PrimeAugust 23, 2016TSG 3.0, part of 19Male
TitaniaAugust 8, 2016TSG 3.0, part of 19Female
Vauban PrimeMay 17, 201618.12Male
InarosMarch 4, 201618.5Male
Saryn PrimeFebruary 16, 201618.4.12Female

2015 Warframe release order

In 2015,  there were 9 Warframes released. 3 Prime Warframes and six non-Prime Warframes were released. Warframes Ash, Volt, and Trinity from 2012 received Prime updates. There were six males and three females.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
NezhaDecember 16, 201518.1Male
IvaraDecember 3, 201518.0Female
WukongNovember 25, 201517.12Male
Trinity PrimeOctober 6, 201517.6Female
AtlasOctober 1, 201517.5Male
EquinoxJuly 31, 201517.0Female
Ash PrimeJuly 7, 201516.11Male
Volt PrimeMarch 25, 201516.1Male
ChromaMarch 19, 201516.0Male

2014 Warframe release order

In 2014, a total of 9 Warframes were released. Of these 9, there were 4 Prime Warframe released and five non-Prime Warframes. Warframes Rhino and Loki from 2012 and Nyx from 2013 were given Prime versions. There were four males and five females.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
Nova PrimeDecember 17, 201415.7Female
MesaNovember 27, 201415.5Female
LimboOctober 24, 201415.0Male
Nyx PrimeSeptember 24, 201414.8Female
MirageJuly 14, 201414.0Female
Loki PrimeJune 11, 201413.7Male
HydroidApril 9, 201413.0Male
Rhino PrimeMarch 5, 201412.4Male
ZephyrFebruary 5, 201412.0Female

2013 Warframe release order

In 2013, 12 Warframes were released, and this was the year that the most Warframes were released. Of these 12, there were 3 Prime Warframe released and nine non-Prime Warframes. Ember and Mag from the previous year were given Prime versions. There were five males and seven females. This was the year when the most Warframes were released.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
OberonDecember 19, 201311.5Male
ValkyrNovember 20, 201311.0Female
Ember PrimeNovember 20, 201311.0Female
Mag PrimeSeptember 13, 201310.0Female
NekrosSeptember 13, 201310.0Male
NovaJuly 13, 20139.0Female
Frost PrimeMay 23, 20138.0Male
VaubanMay 17, 20137.11Male
BansheeMarch 18, 20137.0Female
SarynMarch 18, 20137.0Female
FrostJanuary 29, 20136.0Male
NyxJanuary 29, 20136.0Female

2012 Warframe release order

In 2012, a total of 9 Warframes were released. Of these 9, just one was a Prime Warframe (Excalibur Prime), while the rest were non-Prime Warframes. There were six males and three females.

WarframeRelease DateUpdateType
Excalibur PrimeDecember 18, 20125.0Male
LokiOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaMale
MagOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaFemale
ExcaliburOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaMale
RhinoOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaMale
AshOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaMale
EmberOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaFemale
TrinityOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaFemale
VoltOctober 25, 2012Closed Beta/VanillaMale