Warframe chat commands – useful to know

Warframe chat commands can be incredibly useful and convenient in-game like trading and inviting other Tennos and much more. Without further ado here’s every chat command that you will ever need.

How to show commands in Warframe

If you ever forget what commands are available just type /? in your chat and it will show you every command for chat that can be used.

How to switch chats

There’s four different chats you can use within Warframe: global, clan, squad, and council. 

  • /g your message – chat and send a message in global
  • /c your message – chat and send a message in clan (if you’re a clan member)
  • /s your message – chat and send a message in your squad (if you’re a squad member)
  • /d your message – chat and send a message in ​council (if you have access)

How to link items in chat

Linking an item in Warframe’s chat is very straightforward. Just add brackets to the beginning and end of the item’s name: [item name]. For example if you wanted to link to your Ember Prime Chassis it would look like [Ember Prime Chassis]. Just note that not all items are tradeable, like Control Modules or that Lodestar Syandana you’ve had your eyes on.

How to whisper in Warframe

Okay so you want to whisper something to another player – usually if you want trade – you can talk to them privately it’s pretty easy. Generally we right click on users name and select “Talk” to open up a new chat with a fellow Tenno.

Type /w playername to whisper a Tenno. This command can also be used for finding out whether a player is online or not.

How to reply to last private message

A quick way to respond to the last PM you received is to send /r your message.

How to add and remove friends

To add someone to your friends list type in /friend add playername. To remove someone from your friends list type in /friend remove playername.

How to ignore a user

Someone getting on your nerves? Use the /i playername command to ignore them! Afterwards if you change your mind just use the same command to untoggle and stop ignoring them.

How to get unstuck

Ever got stuck in a scenery during a mission? Fret no more! You can use the /unstuck command to get yourself out. But you need to be careful because you can only use this command once per mission.

If you want to use it again you have to restart the mission. Therefore you should first try to jump around and see if that will get you unstuck before using the /unstuck command.

How to invite players

Want invite a fellow Tenno? Maybe you want a fishing partner so it’s not so lonely. Use /invite playername to invite them to your current session.

How to set the clan MOTD

If you have the necessary permissions then you can set the MOTD (message of the day) for your clan by using /motd your message.