AFK Arena codes – diamonds, soulstones, gold & more!

Our detailed AFK Arena code list will have you craving for some more action, without having to worry about gaining more gold, soulstones or diamonds.

Lilith Games

Worthy of all the attention and praise it has been getting from critics and fans alike. AFK Arena has become a favorite because of its stunning graphics, engaging storyline, and rewarding gameplay. This hero-collection RPG is Gacha game like no other. As you progress through the game and collect various heroes you get the chance to amass an unbeatable team of heroes to fight some tough villains and enemies.

If you struggle in combat sequences or fight scenes have no fear! We have compiled an AFK Arena codes guide to give you the lowdown about how you can get some awesome power-ups and freebies to instantly become better at the game. These freebies can include anything from diamonds to purchase new characters to fold to upgrade your team. Sweet, no?

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Active AFK Arena codes

  • x7vxbnice7 – 300 Diamonds, 20 Elite Soulstones
  • uf4shqjngq – 30 Common Hero Scrolls
  • afk888 – 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, 100 Hero’s Essence
  • misevj66yi – 5 Common Hero Scrolls, 500 Diamonds, 60 Soulstones

Expired AFK Arena codes

If you’re trying to redeem a code that doesn’t seem to be doing anything, chances are it’s expired. It’s handy to have a list of expired codes to know which ones won’t work.

  • 311j4hw00d
  • Xiaban886
  • dwn8ekefbd
  • dqy4aq3pyw
  • PrinceOfPersia
  • ayqcttc36x
  • aaz27uvgfi
  • bprc9kun5i
  • am2fc6hqmj
  • wf7wcxr4nz
  • badlijey666
  • d14m0nd5
  • xmasl00t
  • ch3atc0de
  • g594b6vpjk
  • 8vws9uf6f5
  • 9qgzux8k82
  • persona5
  • 9biwud4xrt
  • happy2021
  • 85de5ar9ts
  • 8e27shfk6b
  • afkelijah
  • bestrpg4busyu
  • afkmarkiplier
  • overlord666
  • 7k8n2s9bnx
  • 7r3bbdqth2
  • 76SHWCV6E4
  • 6u226crhtp
  • invincible
  • 576W235SUW
  • 57KH69FHZR
  • 4rytg4u2q6
  • LIUYAN888
  • 25PG5GNPCF
  • 26DNUIW8S4
  • ck4kjutz6k
  • LIUYAN118
  • LIUYAN233
  • 3BAEE6V3V7
  • 2GQ55JII87
  • 2N7GEK6RTC
  • 2NZZY8Y67V

What are AFK Arena codes?

AFK Arena codes are phrases of letters and numbers that the super cool developers of the game, in this case, Lilith Games release every so often to give their players some awesome freebies to make use of in the game. New codes are released as old codes expire so bookmark this page to stay updated.

How to redeem AFK Arena codes

It’s funny how easy redeeming these codes is. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the AFK code redemption website
  2. Enter your UID (it will be under your character portrait, in the top left of the game
  3. Enter this and click ‘send code’ to receive a verification code in your game mailbox
  4. Enter the verification code where indicated and press log in
  5. Enjoy your rewards from your in-game mailbox!

That’s all there is to it! All the available AFK Arena codes. If you want other similar recommendations check out our best gacha games list, we know you’ll love the games on it.

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