Which tanks get preferential matchmaking in World of Tanks?

Not all tanks are created equal. Here are the tanks in World of Tanks that get special treatment.

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To keep matches fair, World of Tanks tries to match you with players in similar battle tiers. The spread is never more than two tiers above or below your current battle tier. However, there are certain tanks that get “preferential matchmaking.” This means that the spread is narrower—in some cases, limited to battles within the same tier.

So, which tanks gets preferential matchmaking? Well, there are quite a few! In this guide, we’ll cover all the tanks that get preferential matchmaking and the specific spreads for each tank.

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The standard matchmaking spread

Below is the default matchmaking spread that applies to regular tanks (i.e., those that don’t get preferential matchmaking). As mentioned above, the spread is never more than two tiers above your tank’s tier, but there’s always the possibility of being matched into a game with a battle tier that’s higher than you’re comfortable with.

Before we continue, you need to know what Battle Tier spread is. Battle Tier spread is the range of battle tiers that a tank can match into. For example, the following table shows that Tier IV Light Tanks can join matches with a Battle Tier from 4 to 6. Tier IV Heavy Tanks, however, can only enter matches with a Battle Tier from 4 to 5.

Tank TierTank ClassBattle Tier Spread
I (1)Light Tanks1–2
I (1)Medium Tanks1–2
II (2)Light Tanks2–3
II (2)Medium Tanks2–3
II (2)Heavy Tanks2–3
II (2)Tank Destroyers2–3
II (2)Self-propelled Guns2–3
III (3)Light Tanks3–4
III (3)Medium Tanks3–4
III (3)Heavy Tanks3–4
III (3)Tank Destroyers3–4
III (3)Self-propelled Guns3–4
IV (4)Light Tanks4–6
IV (4)Medium Tanks4–6
IV (4)Heavy Tanks4–5
IV (4)Tank Destroyers4–6
IV (4)Self-propelled Guns4–6
V (5)Light Tanks5–7
V (5)Medium Tanks5–7
V (5)Heavy Tanks5–7
V (5)Tank Destroyers5–7
V (5)Self-propelled Guns5–7
VI (6)Light Tanks6–8
VI (6)Medium Tanks6–8
VI (6)Heavy Tanks6–8
VI (6)Tank Destroyers6–8
VI (6)Self-propelled Guns6–8
VII (7)Light Tanks7–9
VII (7)Medium Tanks7–9
VII (7)Heavy Tanks7–9
VII (7)Tank Destroyers7–9
VII (7)Self-propelled Guns7–9
VIII (8)Light Tanks8–10
VIII (8)Medium Tanks8–10
VIII (8)Heavy Tanks8–10
VIII (8)Tank Destroyers8–10
VIII (8)Self-propelled Guns8–10
IX (9)Light Tanks9–10
IX (9)Medium Tanks9–10
IX (9)Heavy Tanks9–10
IX (9)Tank Destroyers9–10
IX (9)Self-propelled Guns9–10
X (10)Light Tanks10
X (10)Medium Tanks10
X (10)Heavy Tanks10
X (10)Tank Destroyers10
X (10)Self-propelled Guns10

Tanks that get preferential matchmaking

To keep players grinding for free tanks, the first premium vehicles in World of Tanks were intentionally worse than ones that could be obtained for free. So why buy premium tanks at all? Well, Wargaming made them better for grinding credits and crew levels by giving them preferential matchmaking.

Tanks with preferential matchmaking enjoy a much narrower battle tier spread. They will only be put into matches up to one tier above their Tank Tier. In some cases, the spread is limited to the same tier as the tank.

Below is the list of all tanks that get preferential matchmaking in World of Tanks. We’ve also included their individual matchmaking spreads to help you if you decide to buy one.

Tank TierNationTank ModelBattle Tier Spread
II (2)GermanyPz. Kpfw. I2
II (2)UKLight Mk. VIC2
II (2)USAT2 Light Tank2–4
II (2)USAT7 Combat Car2
III (3)GermanyPz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J3–4
III (3)JapanType 98 Ke-Ni3–4
III (3)USSRM3 Light3–4
III (3)USSRSU-76I3–4
III (3)USSRT-1273–4
IV (4)FranceAMX 404–6
IV (4)GermanyPz. Kpfw.B2 740(f)4–5
IV (4)JapanType 5 Ke-Ho4–6
IV (4)UKCovenanter4–6
IV (4)UKValentine4–6
IV (4)USSRA-203–4
IV (4)USSRA-324–6
IV (4)USSRT-804–6
IV (4)USSRValentine II4–6
V (5)GermanyPz.Kpfw. IV Hydro.5–6
V (5)GermanyStuG IV4–6
V (5)UKCrusader4–7
V (5)UKExcelsior4–6
V (5)UKMatilda Black Prince4–6
V (5)USAM4A2E4 Sherman4–6
V (5)USAT144–6
V (5)USSRChurchill III4–6
V (5)USSRKV-2204–6
V (5)USSRMatilda IV4–6
V (5)USSRSU-85I4–6
VI (6)GermanyPz.Kpfw. V/IV6–7
VI (6)GermanyPz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha6–7
VI (6)UKTOG II*6–7
VII (7)GermanyE257–8
VII (7)GermanyPanther/M107–8
VII (7)UKAT-15A7–8
VII (7)USAT23E37–8
VII (7)USSRT-44-1227–8
VII (7)USSRT-44-857–8
VIII (8)China1128–9
VIII (8)ChinaAlpine Tiger8–9
VIII (8)ChinaT-34-G8–9
VIII (8)ChinaType 598–9
VIII (8)ChinaType 59 G8–9
VIII (8)ChinaWZ-1118–9
VIII (8)FranceFCM 50 t8–9
VIII (8)Germany8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger8–9
VIII (8)USAM6A2E18–9
VIII (8)USAT26E4 Super Pershing8–9

Special cases

Preferential matchmaking is thrown out the window when you’re in a platoon. Usually, a Tier VIII tank with preferential matchmaking can’t enter a Battle Tier 10 match, but if your platoon mate uses a regular tier 8 tank, the standard matchmaking rules take priority.

Preferential matchmaking won’t impact the WoT experience for most gamers. All it does is give slight priority to some players when queueing into certain Battle Tiers. Those who enjoy eking out every drop of efficiency from their online battles will enjoy the slightly fairer battlefield conditions that preferential matchmaking offers.

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