Twitch name generator guide: Find the best name for your channel

Becoming a successful content creator takes a lot more than just choosing the right video games.

When you’re starting off your streaming career, the first thing you’ll need to do is come up with a good Twitch name. It needs to do a lot of different things: come across as a viable brand name on various social media platforms, it needs to represent you and what you’re all about, and it needs to make you stand out in the sea of millions of Twitch channels.

Once you choose your name, you cannot change it. So, deciding in the best names is a pretty big deal. Lucky for you, you don’t need to do it alone: here are the best Twitch name generators.

Jimpix Username Generator

Jimpix Username Generator is a website that will provide you with a long list of bespoke Twitch usernames. All you need to do is put in a single word.

Of course, You can input a word (or a selection of your favorite words) and you will receive a huge list of potential names. But you could have even more control: a category of words, a name length, and the letter with which your perfect name begins.


Spin-XO is another awesome online username generator that just takes one word. Just type in a few details and get a list of 30 usernames generated. Don’t like any of the 30? That’s the whole point! Just hit spin again and get 30 more, all absolutely free.

Even better, Spin-XO has instant social media availability checks for a number of platforms. Just chat on the name you’d like and it’ll tell you about YouTube, Tumblr, Blogger, PSN, Reddit & .com domain availability.

Cool Generator

Another great Twitch username generator, Cool Generator asks for just a “name or thing you like”, asks you to choose the length of your desired username (<10, <15, <18 or any) and fires at you an expansive list of custom usernames. Pick whichever you think sounds the best and you’re ready to get streaming!

Fantasy Name Generator

The Fantasy Name Generator is actually a way larger website than just a username generator. In fact, the website boasts of over 1300 separate name generators. However, the one I’m interested in here is the Username generator.

Unlike a lot of others on this list, the Username generator consists largely of a bank of 800 custom usernames designed with care by the creator. Only the 6 last names are randomly generated from combining two words. In other words, you’d better get there qui ckly – it’s likely someone had the same idea before you

It also has a mobile version that works on iPhone and Android, so you have no excuse for not getting over these ASAP!

Generator Land

Think of Generator Land as your one-stop-shop for generators. That’s right, Generator Land allows you to make your own generators.

The one you’ll be interested in, though, is probably the Username Generator, which describes usernames as “like snowflakes”, so Generator Land does the legwork for you. However, it plays a lot like the old Gamertag generator on the Xbox 360 – most of the suggestions will be two random words and a number. A Twitch account username is different than a Minecraft one, keep in mind you need to keep memorability in mind.

Masterpiece Generator

Once again, the Masterpiece Generator offers name generation services for all sorts of different categories. Interestingly this involves ‘Cat Names’ and ‘Pirate Names’. But the one we’re interested in is the Username Generator.

Masterpiece Generator requests your personal details – your real name, gender, year of birth, description, location, etc – and uses those to generate a huge list of unique names. For reference, my favourite was “LiamTheParabolicMirror.”

Other ways to make yourself stand out

However, your username (although important) is only the first step to standing out among Twitch streamers. Once you’ve got your perfect Twitch name, take a look into acquiring a custom overlay to build on your branding.

Finally, it may be a good idea to underscore your online presence and branch out beyond your Twitch streams. For instance, you could create a matching YouTube channel, cutting your streams down into 10 to 15 minute sections. However, you’ll need a good video editor: a good place to start would be with a program like Wondershare, which is popular among Twitch users largely as a result of its welcoming user interface.