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How many copies did Assetto Corsa sell? — 2024 statistics

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December 19, 2014
Racing simulation
Kunos Simulazioni
Kunos Simulazioni

Assetto Corsa, developed by Kunos Simulazioni and published by 505 Games, is a renowned racing simulator known for its realistic driving experience and high-fidelity graphics. The game has been a significant hit within the racing community, praised for its accurate physics and comprehensive customization options. Assetto Corsa sales and Assetto Corsa statistics reveal its strong performance and continued popularity in the gaming market. Here’s a detailed look at how Assetto Corsa stands today.

The Assetto Corsa series has sold over 28 million units globally.

(Source: eXputer, VG Insights)

  • This sales figure spans across various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, highlighting the game’s broad appeal.
  • The original game sold over 5 million copies on Steam.
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione sold over 1 million copies on Steam.

Assetto Corsa’s standout sales really show just how much racers love this game. It’s not just about being a hit; it’s about staying relevant and loved thanks to how real it feels and how deep the game goes. Whether you’re tweaking your car to the nth degree or nailing the perfect lap on a challenging track, the game delivers on all fronts. This is why it keeps selling years after its release. The strong support from its community of fans, who rave about every detail from the tire physics to the track accuracy, keeps the game in the spotlight. It’s not just another racing game; it’s a community favorite that continues to grow and impress, making it a go-to title for anyone serious about racing simulators.

The Assetto Corsa franchise has generated over $112 million in revenue for its Digital Bros.

    (Source: VG Insights, eXputer)

    • The original game reached an estimated $70 million in revenue on Steam
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione generated an estimated $27 million in revenue on Steam.

    Assetto Corsa’s solid financial performance really highlights how well Kunos Simulazioni has played its cards. By constantly pushing out high-quality updates and expanding the game, they’ve kept things fresh and exciting. It’s not just about keeping the game up to standard; it’s about always giving players new reasons to come back and new ways to enjoy the experience. This strategy has not only kept Assetto Corsa at the top of its game in a market full of tough competition but has also helped it grow and stay relevant among racing enthusiasts. The game isn’t just surviving in the race; it’s leading the pack, thanks to a mix of top-notch simulation and smart updates.

    Assetto Corsa’s peak concurrent players reached an all-time high of 19,585 in June 2024.

    (Source: Steam Charts, Steam)

    • Overall, the game has a Very Positive review score.
    • 92% of the 99,474 total reviews being positive.
    • Regular updates and DLC releases have kept the community engaged and the gameplay fresh.

    Assetto Corsa’s consistently high player numbers show just how good the game is at keeping its fans hooked. It’s all about the steady flow of cool updates from the developers. They’re always rolling out new cars, exciting tracks, and fresh features that keep the game not just relevant, but a step ahead in the fast-changing world of racing games. This constant refreshment is key—it keeps players coming back for more, whether they’re here to check out a new vehicle or to master a newly added track. It’s this ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement that helps Assetto Corsa maintain a vibrant, active community of gamers.


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