How to manually drop torpedoes in World of Warships

Learn to master aerial torpedoes with this simple guide.


Torpedoes are missiles that travel below the water’s surface. In World of Warships, they’re slow-moving and take forever to reload but are devastating when they strike. They’re most effective against larger, slower warships that can’t easily dodge them.

There are two types of torpedoes in World of Warships: torpedoes fired from a ship’s torpedo launcher and aerial torpedoes, which are fired by torpedo bomber planes. In this guide, we’ll show you how to manually drop torpedoes in World of Warships from planes for maximum damage. If you’re wondering how to effectively use ship torpedoes, we’ve got a great guide on how to fire torpedoes in World of Warships.

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How to fire aerial torpedoes from planes

In previous patches, Carriers and their plane squadrons were controlled using an RTS-style interface, so firing torpedoes was as simple as clicking and forgetting. This way of playing was removed in the Carrier rework; now, plane squads are controlled manually by the Carrier captain.

To begin, press “3” on your keyboard to select your torpedo bomber squad. Click to deploy your torpedo bombers. The game will automatically switch to manual control of your bomber squad. Use WASD and your mouse to maneuver your planes to the target you want to hit with torpedoes. Ideally, the target would be a slow Cruiser or Battleship.

When you’re ready to fire, you’ll see a large rectangle on your screen split into two halves. Your torpedo bombers can fire two torpedoes; the halves represent the possible trajectory of each torpedo.

You’ll notice part of the rectangle is highlighted in yellow. This is the distance your torpedoes will travel before they’re armed. If they strike a ship while still in the yellow area, the torpedoes will be destroyed before they are armed to explode, dealing almost no damage. You want your torpedoes to hit the enemy after they’ve traveled past the yellow area.

How to get better at using aerial torpedoes

As with any skill, the best way to get better at firing torpedoes is to practice! Here are a few pointers to get the most out of your time playing Carriers:

Pay attention to your target’s heading

Torpedoes are slow. Like, really, really slow. Even if your target is something large and clunky like a Battleship, there’s always a chance they’ll move out of the way. Learn to properly lead your shots so that they hit the target.

If you can, approach the target from its bow or stern. Ships can only move forward, so if you take them from the front or back, they’ll have to turn first in order to dodge out of the way.

Also, keep an eye on your firing indicator. Wait until the last possible moment to release your torpedoes (i.e., right before the ship enters the yellow sector of your indicator). This gives them the least amount of time to react.

Study how the enemy reacts to your torpedo fire

After dropping torpedoes and flying over the target, use your free camera (right mouse click by default) to watch how the target reacted. Did they turn into the torpedoes or away from them? Adjust your flight path for the enemy’s new heading and prepare for a second pass. If you’ve adjusted correctly, you have a good chance for a broadside torpedo strike that they’re unlikely to dodge.

Knowing how to aim and fire aerial torpedoes is only half the battle. You’ll need to spend lots of time practicing to really get a feel for how torpedoes work. With time, you’ll develop an intuitive sense of where your target is going, how far ahead you have to lead your shots, and which targets to prioritize. Those are all things that are only gained with time, but if you follow the tips in this guide, you’re already headed in the right direction.

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What are torpedoes in World of Warships?

Torpedoes in World of Warships are a type of self-propelled underwater missile. Torpedoes are typically slower and have a longer range than guns, but they can cause significant damage to enemy ships.

How do I use torpedoes in World of Warships?

To use torpedoes in World of Warships, you need to have a ship that is equipped with torpedoes. Just press 3 to bring up your torpedo launchers.

How do I manually drop torpedoes in World of Warships?

To manually drop torpedoes in World of Warships, press 3 to launch your torpedo bombers. You will be given manual control of your torpedo bombers. Use WASD to control your bombers and left click to drop torpedoes.

What are the benefits of manually dropping torpedoes in World of Warships?

The benefits of manually dropping torpedoes in World of Warships include: increased accuracy and control over the trajectory of the torpedoes, the ability to target specific areas of enemy ships, such as the bow or stern, and the ability to avoid enemy ships and other obstacles that may be in the way of the torpedoes.

What are some tips for manually dropping torpedoes in World of Warships?

Some tips for manually dropping torpedoes in World of Warships include:

Practice using the manual drop feature in the game’s training mode before using it in live battles.

Try to drop the torpedoes in a location where they will not be easily avoided by enemy ships.

Coordinate your torpedo attacks with other members of your team to maximize your effectiveness.

Use your torpedoes to attack enemy ships from the side or rear, where they are most vulnerable.