Roblox FPS unlocker — how to boost your performance

The way you can increase your performance is right here!

Performance matters in games, and sometimes, it can mean the difference between winning a match and losing one. We all know how frustrating that can be. Frames per second determine how smoothly your game runs, whether it’s a choppy 20 FPS or extremely satisfying 144 FPS. But how do you achieve such high frame rates in a game like Roblox? We have the answer.

An FPS unlocker! With this free piece of software, you can disable the innate 60 FPS cap that is already in Roblox, allowing you to achieve much higher frame rates and better performance in-game. This specific Roblox FPS unlocker is the only one you should use since it was approved by the developers and cannot get you banned. Other unlockers might not be recognized by the game, and could get you into some trouble.

Of course, you should have a goal in mind when trying to apply an FPS unlocker, as it will prove the most useful when playing intense, high-paced games, if you want to get some free codes for some of these game modes, check out Aincrad Adventure codes, Aether Rush codes and A Hero’s Destiny codes.

What is the Roblox FPS unlocker

This is an open-source program that allows you to remove the natural 60 FPS cap Roblox has. In order to apply it to your game, you will need to download the file and run it before or after starting Roblox. This unlocker has been used in the past for glitches and exploits and has a notable number of ban reports, but all of those issues have been resolved so you can enjoy some nice frame rates without worrying.

How to apply the FPS unlocker

  1. Go to this link
  2. Download the latest release in the files
  3. Extract the zip file that will be downloaded to your desktop
  4. Run the provided .exe program before or after you start Roblox
  5. Enjoy

Now that you know how to improve your game’s performance and get those sweet frames, you’re sure to find some more enjoyment in playing some classic games with your friends. Speaking of classic games, you could check out some of our most popular articles. For some character creation and customization, you can look at Roblox promo codes for some great options. If you would like to step outside the world of Roblox, you could also check out best gacha games 2024.