How to get submarines in World of Warships

Get your hands on your very own subsurface menace with this handy guide!


Submarines were introduced to World of Warships in October 2022 with the 0.11.9 patch. Since then, a near-endless stream of players has taken to the forums with the same question: how do you get submarines?

In fact, quick Reddit search brings up pages and pages of people wondering how to get submarines in World of Warships. You’d think Wargaming would want to make it easy for players to access their ships!

In this guide, we’ll show how you can get your very own submarine added to your port. Ready to enhance your gaming arsenal? Join the tank battalion with World of Warships codes and discover the ultimate rewards from World of Tanks codes.

Now, let’s go!

Here’s how to get Submarines in WoWs

The trouble with submarines is that how you get them is different from the way you get most other ships in World of Warships.

Most ships are unlocked by grinding the previous ships in their line. Submarines, however, are obtained by completing special combat missions. While most veteran players already make it a habit to look at their combat missions every day, newer players aren’t quite there yet. That explains why so many newcomers are having trouble finding submarines!

With a low-level submarine in your port, you’ll be able to play and grind your way up the tiers to unlock newer, better submarines. Here are our picks for the best submarines in World of Warships.

Like aircraft carriers, submarines are a special ship type that require a special touch and play style to really excel with. If you really want to become a submarine specialist, we’d suggest reading our guide on how to fire torpedoes in World of Warships.

Seriously, you’ll want to sit down and start learning. Submarines are easily the most hated ship type in the game right now, and if you don’t get good fast, you’re in for a bad time.

An important note!

Unlike the majority of ships in World of Warships, submarines are rentals. This means that the submarines you have now are only usable for a limited time period. Once that time period expires, the submarine is removed from your inventory.

So, how do you rent more subs? Complete combat missions that grant submarine tokens. Submarine tokens can be used to buy rental time for submarines, allowing you to keep your subsurface adventures going.

And with that, we’ve covered just about all there is to know on how to get submarines in World of Warships.

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