What country has the best Cruisers in World of Warships?

Get ready for the ultimate nation showdown of Cruisers in World of Warships


Attention, all naval warfare enthusiasts! Are you wondering what country you should focus on for your next cruiser build in World of Warships? Look no further as we dive into the question of what country has the best cruisers in World of Warships. With a variety of nations to choose from, each cruiser presents unique advantages and disadvantages in gameplay.

Join us as we explore the pros and cons of American, Japanese, German, British, and French cruisers. Whether you prefer long-range firepower or stealthy tactics, this article will give you the insight you need to make the right decision for your playing style. So, hoist your anchors and let’s go!

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American Cruisers

All-rounders with great utility ships. Ends with Des Moines, which is one of the best Cruisers in the game.

American cruisers in World of Warships includes both heavy and light lines.

The heavy line, Des Moines line, is a strong choice for random battles due to its radar and good DPM. These ships have a fantastic reload time and super heavy armor-piercing (AP) shells. The heavy cruisers are Island Huggers and need to play close to the caps and hug the islands, mainly to protect the broadside from damage because the armor is not their best attribute.

On the other hand, the light cruisers play similarly to the Heavy Cruisers and hug the islands close to the cap, but with lighter armor. The Worcester cruiser is the most popular light cruiser with its American radar, utility, and consumables such as the Hydroacoustic Search and DAAF.

Japanese Cruisers

Sneaky Cruisers with the best torpedoes in the game. Excellent guns but poor AA.

World of Warships features two lines for the Japanese Cruiser: the Light Cruiser line and the Heavy Cruiser line.

The Heavy Cruiser line includes powerful ships such as the Magami, Aoba, Zao, Ibuki, and the Tier 10 Zao. The Zao is still considered a strong Tier 10 even after being nerfed, with excellent guns and high fire chance. The Japanese HG Alpha is a beast of a Cruiser with massive guns. It’s comfortable at longer ranges and is perfect for kiting off flankers with its loadout of torpedoes and guns.

While Japanese Cruisers are some of the most effective Cruisers in the game, beginners should avoid the Light Cruiser line, as they actually feel and play more heavy cruisers with their relatively slow rate of fire and gun traverse rate.

German Cruisers

Great mid-range, Jack-of-all-Trades ships. Decent armor, high-velocity guns, and decent torpedoes for close-range engagements.

The German heavy cruisers, especially the higher tier ones, have stood the test of time in World of Warships. The Hindenburg, in particular, is still considered a great cruiser in various game modes, including random battles, ranks, and Clan battles.

Compared to other cruiser lines that lack the necessary qualities for competitiveness, the German cruisers have a good rate of fire, improved German high explosive shells, and exceptional armor-penetrating capabilities.

German Heavy Cruisers are also highly maneuverable and tanky at higher tiers, making them an all-around excellent choice for players looking for a Cruiser line. However, like most cruisers, they may struggle against higher tier battleships, especially at mid-tier levels.

British Cruisers

Glass cannons with the best AP guns in the game but paper-thin armor. Slippery thanks to their smoke screens and good torpedoes.

The British Cruiser line consists of Heavy Cruisers and Light Cruisers.

The Heavy Cruisers have high alpha, very good fire chance, and British eight sheep, making them great for random battles. At higher tiers, the Heavy Cruisers have an improved heel, with the Goliath getting a super heal — one of the best in the game.

The Light Cruisers don’t get the great healing capabilities of the Heavy Cruisers. Instead, they have AP with improved pin angles and an insane fire rate. The British cruisers have single-drop torpedoes, which allow for conga-line torpedoes in certain situations.

The Light Cruisers are harder to play as they are slow to stop and explode easily. The Heavy Cruisers have no smoke or radar, while the Light Cruisers can swap smoke for radar.

Soviet Cruisers

Basic Light Cruisers with excellent concealment and long-range radar but are slow. Soviet Heavy Cruisers are some of the best tanks in the game.

Players can choose from two lines of Soviet cruisers: the Heavy Cruiser line and the Light Cruiser line.

The Heavy Cruiser line includes the Petro Pavlovs, which are played similar to other large Soviet ships, where players are advised to play bow in and avoid showing their sides. These cruisers are incredibly tanky and have a radar with a longer range of 12 kilometers compared to American radar. However, it lasts for a much shorter duration.

With the Light Cruiser line, players can unlock the Nevsky, which is great at kiting and can bounce a lot of Battleship guns when angled. These cruisers also have a long range of up to 20 kilometers and Soviet shells with excellent ballistics.

Players are advised to gain more experience before choosing the Light Cruiser line.

French Cruisers

French Cruisers have incredible long-range power but terrible armor. The Tier X Cruisers have incredible AP.

The French cruiser line in World of Warships has two different lines: the Heavy Cruiser line and the Battle Cruiser line.

The Battle Cruiser line, which includes ships such as Marseille, Breast, and Cherberg, is considered among the best in the game. These cruisers are highly maneuverable, have large guns ranging from the Dunkirk caliber to the Marseille’s 330-millimeter guns, and have the reload booster feature. However, players should be cautious since their armor is not very good, and they are quite squishy.

The Heavy Cruiser line is more traditional and plays similarly to the Japanese cruisers. These cruisers also have a main battery reload booster feature, are quite maneuverable, have large guns with very good AP rounds, and also have torpedoes.

Players may find the Battle Cruiser line helpful to bridge the gap between battleships and cruisers.

Dutch Cruisers

Great island campers with excellent close-range AP, though their thin armor makes them less favored compared to other country’s Cruisers.

The Dutch cruisers in World of Warships are a unique line with a strange setup. They are almost like battleships, especially from tier nine onwards, and have access to airstrike armament which they can use to drop bombs on opponents.

Dutch Cruiseres were designed to discourage island camping but, ironically are actually great island campers. They appear weak on paper but are surprisingly good at starting fires and have amazing AP from close range. However, they have weak armor and attract as much attention as battleships and are vulnerable to HE spam.

Overall, the tier 10 ship in the line is good, but the buildup to it is definitely not recommended for beginners.

Pan-Asian Cruisers

Excellent deep-water torpedoes that are hard to detect. Otherwise, not a great line of Cruisers.

The Pan-Asian Cruisers are, frankly, barely Cruisers at all. They primarily consist of light cruisers that have Destroyer-caliber guns, making them similar in playstyle to the American Atlanta.

Pan-Asian Cruisers have access to smoke screens, but players should avoid sitting in them as they make tempting targets for battleships and torpedoes. The cruisers also have excellent AA and can mount defensive AA fire.

The top tier ship, the Jianwei, features impressive deep-water torpedoes that can hit battleships and cruisers. However, these cruisers lack heals except for the Chennai and
tier 9 ship, making them vulnerable to quick destruction.

Players looking for a beginner cruiser line may want to consider other options as the Pan-Asian line can be challenging to master.

Italian Cruisers

Only Cruisers with SAP ammo. The Tier X, Venezia, is a powerful and versatile that’s worth working toward.

The Italian Cruisers currently only features the Venezia tech line, but more may be added in the future.

Italian Cruisers are balanced around a unique munition type called SAP, which doesn’t have a fire chance but provides high alpha damage. While mid-tier Cruisers of this line can be painful to play due to their low rate of fire and survivability, the higher-tier Venezia is a fantastic cruiser with 15 Heavy Cruiser guns that hurt a lot.

The Venezia also features exhaust smoke consumables and longer-range torpedoes, making it a versatile option for kiting and sneak attacks.

Choosing the best cruiser country in World of Warships is a matter of personal preference and playstyle. Each nation offers unique advantages and disadvantages that can make them effective in different situations on the battlefield. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide which country fits their playing style and preferences the most.

Of course, having the best ship in the game doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to use it. Become a better player with our guide on how to play a Cruiser in World of Warships.