What is the best Cruiser in World of Warships?

Check out our picks for the best cruisers in World of Warships for three distinct play styles!


As with any game where you have a ton of choices, players will want to know what the best of the pack is. In World of Warships, you’ve got four distinct ship classes and more than 540 unique battleships to choose from. That’s a ton of choices!

Fortunately, World of Warships is balanced enough that there’s no single, definite answer to the question “What is the best Cruiser in World of Warships?” But there is only one proper response: “What do you like to play?”

In this guide, we’ll list what we believe are the best Tier X tech Cruisers in the game for three different play styles: general play, brawling, and kiting. We’ll get into what makes these ships great and how their loadouts and characteristics make them the best for their play style.

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Overall favorite — Des Moines (American, Tier X)

It’s not often the World of Warships community comes to a consensus on anything, but it’s almost universally agreed that the Des Moines is a great Cruiser. This American superCruiser isn’t just loads of fun to play, it has a great kit that guarantees you’ll make an impact in any engagement.

With 203s and quick-reloading Cruiser guns (really; the DM’s guns reload nearly as fast as light Cruiser guns), it’s a menace on the waters. Its AP has great penetration angles, making the Des Moines deadly at close range. Sure, you’ll have to get used to the guns’ poor dispersion, but it’s worth tackling the learning curve for this kind of destructive power.

Throw in decent concealment and one of the best radars in the game (10 kilometers!) and you have what is, inarguably, one of the best (if not the best) Cruisers in World of Warships. Just make sure you know what ammo to use in World of Warships for optimum battle effectiveness.

Best Cruiser for brawling — Petropavlovsk (Soviet, Tier X)

The Petropavlovsk (or Petro) is a floating monolith with an ultra-tough shell and crazy powerful AP guns.

The dispersion on this ship is super-frustrating. Fortunately, the Petro has lots of armor, so you can get in close and do decent damage by straight up brawling. Like the Des Moines, the Petro has great penetration angles, so melee range is truly where it shines.

One surprising feature of the Petro is that it’s surprisingly hard to citadel. The Soviet superCruiser has good concealment and it sits pretty low in the water, too. And let’s not forget its amazing 12-kilometer radar, which makes it a hard ship to get the jump on.

The Petro is an armored beast that’s hard to kill but a bit of a bore to play. It’s the perfect Cruiser for less technically skilled captains (be honest!). At the very least, you’ll be a floating bullet sponge that the enemy can’t ignore.

Best Cruiser for mobility — Venezia (Italian, Tier X)

Maybe you prefer jumping in and out of frays and being an overall nuisance to the other side. Well, the Venezia is exactly what you’re looking for. This nimble Italian Cruiser has excellent maneuverability and powerful SAP guns, making it hard to hit and something to fear at close range.

The Venezia’s greatest strength lies in its agility. It boasts excellent fuel smokes that allow it to maintain stealth while also cruising at full pace. When played correctly, it’s a devil to deal with due to hard it is to predict where the Venezia is and where it’s going.

Its guns use semi-armor piercing shells, so you get decent armor-piercing capabilities with the DPS consistency of high-explosive rounds. It’s not the hardest-hitting salvo around, but it hurts plenty, and with the Venezia’s quick movement and fast reloads, you’ll be back in no time to lay down another salvo.

The Venezia is excellent for poking runs into enemy-controlled capture points, especially in a division with a DD or radar. Sneak in close, unload your salvo at any defending DDs, then pop smoke for a quick escape.

Those were our picks for the best Cruisers in World of Warships for different play styles. We think we’ve laid out some pretty strong arguments for why we love these superCruisers, but if you disagree, that’s fine, too! After all, when it comes to World of Warships, the best ship is always the one that you love playing.

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What is a Cruiser in World of Warships?

A Cruiser in World of Warships is a type of warship that is typically larger than a Destroyer but smaller than a Battleship. Cruisers are versatile ships that can be used for a variety of roles, including reconnaissance, anti-aircraft defense, and supporting other ships in the fleet.

What is considered the best Cruiser in World of Warships?

The best Cruiser in World of Warships is subjective and depends on a variety of factors, including playstyle, personal preference, and current game meta.

Our overall pick for best Cruiser is the Des Moines. This Tier X American ship has powerful, fast-reloading guns, great concealment, and one of the best radars in the game.

Are there any tier 10 Cruisers that are considered the best in World of Warships?

Yes. All of the best Cruisers in World of Warships are Tier X Cruisers.

Our overall favorite is the Des Moines. If you like brawling, the Russian Petropavlovsk is a leviathan that can both dish and take a beating. Players that like having a bit of speed will love the Italian Venezia.

What are the factors that determine the best Cruiser in World of Warships?

The factors that determine the best Cruiser in World of Warships include gun performance and range, torpedo armament and reload time, armor protection, maneuverability and speed, and AA defense.

Can the best Cruiser change in World of Warships?

Yes, the best Cruiser in World of Warships can change, as the game is constantly being updated and new ships are being added. It’s important to stay up to date on the current game meta and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Should I choose the best Cruiser based on personal playstyle or current game meta in World of Warships?

The best Cruiser for you in World of Warships should be chosen based on both personal playstyle and current game meta. It’s important to consider both factors and choose a Cruiser that fits your playstyle and is effective in the current game environment.