How to apply camouflage in World of Warships

Bling up your warship and stand out from the rest.

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Camouflage, or “camo,” is a special paint scheme that gives your ship an all-new look. Camo becomes accessible at Access Level 4. In the past, camouflage made your ship harder to detect or harder to hit (by making enemy guns less accurate). In 2022, the bonus effects of camo were removed, making it an entirely cosmetic item type.

This guide will cover the basics of camouflage in World of Warships. You’ll learn how to apply camo in World of Warships and the different types of camo available. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of World of Warships codes 2023 to get all sorts of awesome freebies!

How to use camouflages in World of Warships

To apply camo, go to your Port and click on the “Exterior” tab beneath the “Battle!” button. If you have an Access Level of 4 or higher, you’ll be able to choose from the camouflage in your inventory.

Types of camo in World of Warships

There are two types of camouflage in World of Warships: expendable and permanent.

Expendable camo

Expendable camo is single-use camouflage. After one battle, your currently equipped expendable camo will expire. If you still have units of the same camo type in your inventory, the game will automatically equip it.

Permanent camo

Permanent camo is camouflage that does not deplete after use. It can be reused as often as you like. Permanent camo is much more expensive than expendable camo but is a one-time cost.

There’s a large selection of camouflage in World of Warships, so there’s a good chance you’ll find one you love. Even if you don’t, that’s okay, too. After all, camouflage is a purely cosmetic now, so you won’t lose out on any potential bonuses.

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