How to link World of Warships to Steam

Is it possible to consolidate your Wargaming ID with your Steam profile? Let's get into the details...

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One big reason for Steam’s ongoing popularity is that it lets you access your entire game library from one application. World of Warships came to Steam in 2017, allowing PC gamers to enjoy the premier battleship war sim straight from Valve’s digital distribution platform.

Those who began playing World of Warships through the game’s official launcher app often ask how to link World of Warships to Steam. After all, why deal with multiple launchers when you can play through Steam, instead?

Well, we’ve got bad news for you. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to link your ID to your Steam account. However, the next best thing is possible by making the World of Warships launcher accessible from within Steam.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the whole process of adding the WoW launcher to Steam as a non-Steam app. Then, delve into the reasons why you can’t link your existing Wargaming account to Steam.

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How to add the World of Warships launcher to Steam

Even though you can’t link World of Warships to your Steam account, you can still fire up the game’s launcher from within Steam. This way, World of Warships is accessible from the same place as the rest of your games. Remember to use your Wargaming account credentials, as your Steam account won’t work in the World of Warships launcher.

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Click the “Library” tab near the top
  3. Click the “Add a Game” button at the bottom left of your Steam library.
  4. Click “Add a Non-Steam Game” from the pop-up menu.
  5. Find the World of Warships launcher from the programs list. If you can’t find it, click on the “Browse…” button and locate the executable manually (on Windows, the default folder is C:\ProgramData\\GameCenter\World of Warships).
  6. Click on “Add Selected Programs”.

You’re done! Now you can start the World of Warships launcher straight from Steam.

Why can’t we link Wargaming accounts to Steam?

When installing and playing World of Warships through Steam, the game will create a brand-new account associated with that Steam profile. Since this is a new account, you’ll have to start from square one.

There’s been no official statement as to why we can’t link Wargaming IDs to Steam. Some speculate that there may be technical reasons, since you cannot re-link a Steam account that you’ve disconnected from World of Warships.

It’s clear that Wargaming brought World of Warships to Steam to expose the game to a wider audience and not necessarily to serve its existing players. Steam has a massive user base, many of whom love war sims but would never play World of Warships if it wasn’t on Steam.

To sum it up: No, you can’t link your World of Warships account to Steam. If you’ve already been playing through the Wargaming launcher. Launching the game from Steam creates a brand-new account associated with your Steam profile. The best you can do is add the World of Warships launcher as a non-Steam app, which makes it accessible from within Steam. Just remember that you’ll still have to log in using your Wargaming credentials.