Shindo Life New Ember codes (April 2024) — private servers

With our Shindo Life New Ember codes list, you'll know the location and time for whenever something new spawns in New Ember!

Continuing our Roblox Shindo Life series, we bring to you the next private server locations and freebie spawn times. This time the information is related to the New Ember locality or Ember 250 YC as it has come to be known as. All these codes give you access to the variety of free stuff scattered all across the game, so it’s good to keep updated with whatever new area or code is dropped by the game devs.

A word of advice for newbies just entering into the all-encompassing madness that is Shindo Life, the game can be difficult, with so much global competition and players flocking from all corners of the earth. In order to stand out from the crowd and get yourself in a good position in the game, we highly recommend going through all our guides, as well as this Shindo Life New Ember codes guide for you to learn from.

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Shindo Life New Ember private server codes list

  • Q1rqd_
  • NQSyfa
  • Pf9zaY
  • 5pJSMU
  • SHSUQy
  • NGcYZO
  • WZiXVK
  • Mzgw5G
  • sw8BDN
  • Ma8rWy
  • Zm8Mt6
  • nGYgg0
  • ONKRea
  • AVYeio
  • _v8zAV
  • aI-dSR
  • C-SXO4
  • EiAM41
  • 7LmBZD
  • mzNBVc
  • -vfqIF
  • NQK-WF
  • K3y4yv
  • svszfJ
  • ugs8BC
  • PVvY45
  • K-wP7Q
  • kGvNjq
  • _daxv6
  • ec4wTT
  • -3Ovnr
  • k9eheJ
  • DU8KNT

New Ember spawn times & locations

Just a heads up, the spawn times for Ember 250 YC are listed in EST, so please Google how that time converts to your local time zone to avoid confusion. Each item will despawn after 25 minutes, so make sure to get them before they go poof! Items spawn two times each day, once in the AM and once in the PM, so if you’re fast asleep and dreaming of Shindo Life at night, just grab them in the morning! No biggie.

  • Divination Spirit (Sub-Ability – 2:20 AM/PM) — Atop the Hokage Office.

How to enter Shindo Life New Ember private servers

  1. Open Shindo Life
  2. Head over to New Ember location on the map
  3. Open Player menu
  4. Look for the travel option
  5. Click on the private server option
  6. Enter a valid ID from this list
  7. Enjoy all your freebies there!

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