How to play Artillery in World of Tanks


Many World of Tanks players are first introduced to Artillery when they find themselves on the wrong end of an explosive shell fired from halfway across the map. The destructive power of Artillery is seductive to newer players. Who wouldn’t want to be able to tear a tank to pieces with a single, well-placed shot?

New Artillery players are usually surprised to find it moves and plays nothing like the other tanks in the game. Nearly all skills picked up playing light, medium, and heavy tanks don’t apply here. Mastering Artillery truly requires a change in mindset and a different way of look at the battlefield.

In this guide, we’ll give you a basic rundown of tips and tricks on how to play Artillery in World of Tanks. Ready to boost your gaming prowess? Explore the world of World of Tanks codes and embark on thrilling adventures with World of Warships codes.

Play in a platoon

Artillery is easily the deadliest tank class in World of Tanks. A single shot can disable even the most heavily armored enemy vehicle and outright destroy lighter ones. Artillery is also the most easily flanked class in World of Tanks. Once the enemy has sent a counter-arty unit to your location, there’s very little you can do about it.

That’s why you should play in a platoon. Allied tanks are your meat tanks and shell sponges, protecting you from enemy fire and unwanted attention. It’s not always easy to communicate and coordinate with total strangers, though, so if you really want to build an Artillery-centered strategy, you should do it with friends.

Interested? Read our guide on how to join a Platoon in World of Tanks for more details.

Targeting priority

Artillery takes forever to fire and reload, so you should learn which targets take priority.

First, fire at the nearest units in range that are the most threatening. Any nearby enemy vehicles heading in your direction should be at the top of your list—they’re probably coming for you!

If you’re sitting in a relatively safe position, look for where your allies need your help most. Where are your teammates outnumbered and outgunned? Turn the fight around with some supporting fire.

Pay attention to your dispersion ring

Pay attention to the dispersion ring around your reticle. This is an indicator of the general accuracy of your shot. When you click the fire button, your shell could land anywhere within that ring.

The dispersion ring grows when you move your tank or turret and shrinks when you’re sitting still. For the highest accuracy, wait for the ring to become as small as possible before shooting.

The ring’s shape tells you the arc of the shot. When aiming, the ring shifts between a perfect circle and a long oval. A perfect circle means the shot will come down at a 90º angle, whereas a long oval means a (mostly) straight line to the target.

Ideally, you want a ring that’s both small and oval-like. A “flatter” shot trajectory (oval-like ring) will reach its destination faster. Accuracy is more important than speed, though, so fire when the ring is about the size of your target, even if the arc isn’t perfect.

Learn to efficiently use your hull lock

The guns on an Artillery tank can take forever to rotate, which can be annoying when trying to get a bead on a moving target.

Use your hull lock feature and your tank’s rotation to speed up the aiming process. Hull lock prevents turret rotation, forcing it to turn with your tank. When the target moves beyond your gun’s azimuth (its horizontal range), just turn on hull lock and move your tank chassis to adjust. Once you’re in a good position, deactivate hull lock and make fine adjustments normally.

Watch the mini-map & always be ready to move

Playing Artillery is all about managing the risks of camping in one spot for long periods. Your accuracy improves the longer you sit without moving. It also improves the longer your target is spotted. So, there are clear benefits to camping as Artillery.

Of course, if you camp a location for too long, you’re going to be found out. Move the second you’ve been spotted; there’s no way to survive a counter-artillery blitz when the enemy gets too close.

Watch out for friendly fire!

One thing many newer Artillery players don’t know is that Artillery fire can stun teammates! Although direct friendly fire is no longer possible in World of Tanks, the in-game automatic punishment system counts stunning allies as punishable behavior. Do it too many times and you could find yourself wondering, “How long do I stay blue in World of Tanks?”

That was our guide on how to play Artillery in World of Tanks. While this class may look easy enough to play at first glance, the sit-and-fire method of play is actually much more complex and skill-based than you may think.

The tips and tricks covered here are really on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mastering Artillery. Some things can only come with time and practice. Keep these pointers in mind while playing and you’ll slowly become a true Artillery Artisan.

What is Artillery in World of Tanks?

Artillery in World of Tanks is a type of vehicle class that specializes in long-range combat. Artillery vehicles are equipped with powerful guns and can attack enemy targets from a safe distance.

How do I play Artillery in World of Tanks?

To play Artillery in World of Tanks, you need to first obtain an Artillery tank and select it for battle. Effective Artillery play revolves around excellent communication skills and an ability to understand player behavior at a macro level.

What are the key skills for playing Artillery in World of Tanks?

The key skills for playing Artillery in World of Tanks include: long-range accuracy, map awareness, good positioning, and effective communication with your team.

What role does Artillery play in World of Tanks?

Artillery in World of Tanks plays a support role, providing long-range firepower and covering fire for your team. Artillery vehicles are best used in conjunction with other types of vehicles, such as tanks and tank destroyers.

How does playing Artillery differ from playing other vehicle classes in World of Tanks?

Playing Artillery in World of Tanks differs from playing other vehicle classes in several ways. Artillery vehicles are slower and less mobile than other vehicles, but they have powerful guns that can attack from a safe distance. Artillery players must also have good map awareness and effective communication skills to be successful.

What are some tips for playing Artillery in World of Tanks?

Some tips for playing Artillery in World of Tanks include: position yourself in a safe location, focus on long-range accuracy, communicate effectively with your team, pay attention to the map and enemy movements, and use cover and concealment to stay safe from enemy fire.