How to join a platoon in World of Tanks — explained

Pulverizing Panzers and annihilating armored vehicles is way more fun with friends! Learn the ins and outs of World of Tanks platoons.


Platoons allow up to three players to form a group and queue into matches together. Basically, platoons are just what World of Tanks calls the parties in your average multiplayer game.

Planning on rolling into battle with your friends? This guide will walk you through how to join a platoon in World of Tanks. If you’re the leader of your group, we’ll show you how to form a platoon of your own, too. And for those seeking new WoT buddies, we’ll also cover how to find random platoon mates.

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Joining a platoon in World of Tanks

There are two ways to join a platoon: accept an invitation or match up with random platoon mates.

Accept a platoon invitation

Anyone with an open slot in their platoon can invite other players to join them. When someone sends you an invitation, a notification will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Hold CTRL and click the notification to accept the invite. That’s it! You’re now a member of a platoon!

Pay attention to the screen name of the person inviting you. If you want to play with friends, make sure the invitation is the right person! Otherwise, you’ll end up in a squad with someone you don’t know.

How to play with random platoon mates

The Find Players feature lets you match up with random players also looking for a platoon. To start the search, click Find Players before queuing for a match. World of Tanks will find random players to put you in a platoon with.

The matchmaking system finds other players based on:

  • Your World of Tanks rating. The system only matches you with players that are around your WTR.
  • The server you play in. World of Tanks won’t look for players queuing on servers other than the one you’re in.
  • The vehicles in your garage. The matchmaking system looks at the tier and number of vehicles in your garage.
  • Clanmates. World of Tanks prioritizes players who are in the same clan as you.
  • Number of vehicles in each tier. The system evaluates how many battles you’ve fought in each tier. World of Tanks puts you in a platoon with players who have similar experience in each tier.

World of Tanks also gives you a few options that you can tweak to your preference:

  • Vehicle tiers. Find only players who have vehicles in the tiers you’ve selected.
  • Voice chat. Find only players who communicate with voice chat. You can’t select this if you have voice chat disabled in your settings.

Creating a platoon in World of Tanks

You can create a new platoon and invite your friends to join you. It’s simple and easy.

  1. Click the “Create a Platoon” button in the main menu (it’s just to the left of the Battle! button).
  2. Select “New Platoon” in the drop-down menu. This will bring up the platoon management window.

This will set you up in a new platoon. You’ll be alone at the start, but you can invite your friends and random players to join from the platoon management window.

How to invite friends to your platoon in World of Tanks

You can invite your friends by opening your Garage and clicking on the Contacts button at the bottom left. Right-click a friend and click the Invite button.

If you haven’t formed a platoon yet, you can right-click a friend and select the Create Platoon button. This sends an invitation to your friend. Once they accept the invite, the game will make a new platoon with you and your friend already in it.

How to find random players for your platoon

You can search for random players to join your platoon, so long as there’s at least one empty slot. That means you can invite one friend and fill the other slot with a random player or play with two random players.

You can start the player search from your Garage or from the platoon management window. Only the platoon commander can start the player search.

  1. Click the Create a Platoon button to the left of the Battle! button
  2. Click Find Players. The system will start looking through the pool of available players for anyone willing to join your platoon.

Now that you know how to join a platoon in World of Tanks, you can really start to enjoy the game! Whether you’re fragging with friends or rampaging with randoms, you’ll find playing in a platoon really opens up new tactical opportunities that will help elevate your battlefield capabilities.

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What is a Platoon in World of Tanks?

A Platoon in World of Tanks is a group of two or three players who play together in the same party. Players in a Platoon can coordinate their actions and work together to achieve their goals in battles.

How do I join a Platoon in World of Tanks?

There are 3 ways to join a Platoon in World of Tanks:
1. Create a Platoon and invite other players,
2. Accept an invitation from another player currently in a Platoon, and
3. Use the Find Players feature in your Garage. This will find open Platoons for you to join.

How many players can be in a Platoon in World of Tanks?

A Platoon in World of Tanks can consist of two or three players.

What are the benefits of being in a Platoon in World of Tanks?

The benefits of being in a Platoon in World of Tanks include increased coordination and teamwork, the ability to share information and coordinate actions, and the ability to achieve common goals in battles.

Are there any disadvantages to being in a Platoon in World of Tanks?

The disadvantages of being in a Platoon in World of Tanks can include reduced independence and the need to coordinate actions with other players, as well as the potential for disagreements and miscommunication.

Is it necessary to be in a Platoon to play World of Tanks effectively?

No, it is not necessary to be in a Platoon to play World of Tanks effectively. While Platoons can provide some benefits, it is possible to play the game and be successful without being in a Platoon.