How long do I stay blue in World of Tanks?


Teamkilling and friendly fire are strongly discouraged in World of Tanks. In older patches, players could directly damage their teammates with turret fire. If a player deals enough team damage, the game punishes them by changing the color of their name to blue.

You’re here because you hit an ally too many times or didn’t know that Artillery shots could stun allies. “So, how long do I stay blue in World of Tanks?” You’ll find the answer to that question and more in this guide on “turning blue” and the World of Tanks TK punishment system.

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What does a blue name mean?

A blue name served as an indicator to allies that they should be careful around this player. It’s also a warning to the offending player that they will be banned if they continue to break the rules.

Friendly fire was patched out of World of Tanks a while ago, but you can still “turn blue” by performing actions that grief your teammates. These actions include forcing fall damage, causing an ally to drown, and stunning an ally with Artillery fire, among others. Accidentally hurting or stunning an ally doesn’t immediately result in a blue name; you have to do it repeatedly within a short timeframe.

Consequences of a blue name in World of Tanks

Griefing is considered a serious offense in World of Tanks, so a simple palette swap sounds like too light a punishment, right? Well, besides the color change, players with blue names have “friendly fire protection” lifted. This means teammates can shoot, damage, and destroy them without punishment.

How long do you stay blue in World of Tanks?

There is no official documentation describing how long the blue effect lasts, though observant players found a link between the total “acceptable” damage you deal (i.e., damage dealt to enemies) and the duration of the punishment. Basically, the punishment is lifted after you’ve dealt damage to enemies beyond a certain threshold.

What is this threshold? Nobody’s sure, but many players say it depends on the severity of your crime. If you accidentally rammed a teammate while trying to flip them over, the blue name could be gone by the end of the match. However, if you blasted an ally three times in a row, it could take you three matches or more before you’re forgiven.

Observant community members also found that each subsequent punishment is longer than the last. So, if you’ve been punished before, you should take extra care not to be punished again. And if you find your Artillery shots are landing on allies way more often than they should be, you should check out our guide on how to play Artillery in World of Tanks.

And no, changing your name in World of Tanks does nothing to remove the blue color.

What does it mean to be blue in World of Tanks?

Being blue in World of Tanks is a punishment for players who repeatedly commit acts of griefing against allies. Such acts include forcing fall damage, stunning an ally with Artillery fire, and causing an ally to drown. If you commit further acts of griefing while blue, you risk your account being banned permanently.

How long do I stay blue in World of Tanks?

You can remove blue status by dealing damage to enemy tanks, but the amount of damage you must deal gets longer the more times you commit acts of griefing. If this is your first time turning blue, then you can expect to turn back to your normal color in 2 or 3 matches.

What are the restrictions of being blue in World of Tanks?

There are no restrictions of being blue in World of Tanks. However, a blue name is an indicator to all allies that you are a teamkiller and should be avoided. Being blue also allows teammates to damage and teamkill you without punishment.

How can I reduce my blue status in World of Tanks?

The only way to reduce your blue status in World of Tanks is by jumping into matches and dealing damage to enemy tanks. Do not damage allies! This could lead to a ban.

How does being blue affect my experience in World of Tanks?

Being blue affects your experience in World of Tanks because it lifts your friendly fire protection. This means your allies are free to shoot at, damage, and kill you without punishment.

Can I leave a team if I am blue in World of Tanks?

Yes, you can leave a team if you are blue in World of Tanks. However, it is important to consider the specific rules and regulations of the team or clan that you have joined before making a decision to leave. Some teams may have restrictions on leaving or may have penalties for leaving too soon.