How long does pink last in World of Warships?

Here's a full explanation on what having a pink name means in World of Warships.


In World of Warships, your name turns pink as a warning for “unsporting conduct.” A pink name has no effect on gameplay, but it does act as a signal to your allies that you’re reckless with your guns or tend to AFK or leave matches early.

Down below, we’re going to go into detail about the mechanics behind “turning pink” in World of Warships. And of course, for those with pink names, we’re going to answer the most important question: how long does pink last in World of Warships?

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What is pink name status and how long does it last?

When you engage in actions that World of Warships considers “unsporting conduct,” the game will give you a warning in the form of:

  • your nickname turning pink; and
  • a notification with a description of your infraction and how many battles you must complete to have your penalty lifted.

If your infraction was friendly fire, then you’ll be hit with an additional punishment: “You will lose hit points each time you strike allied ships.”

A pink name is just a warning and is merely a cosmetic change. Gameplay isn’t affected. Pink name status will usually disappear after completing 2 battles without breaking the rules, though sometimes the penalty is longer.

If you keep breaking the rules, you’ll be given a penalty for unsporting conduct. This turns your name orange and blocks access to all match types except Co-op, Clan, and Training battles.

What counts as unsporting conduct?

Wargaming defines unsporting conduct as “player behavior that detrimentally interferes with allies’ actions in battle and affects their enjoyment of the game.” Examples of unsporting conduct include but aren’t limited to causing damage to allies, going AFK in battle, and leaving a match early.

Friendly fire

In previous versions of World of Warships, you could deal damage to and even sink your teammates. This sometimes led to conflicts and griefing between players on the same team. Thankfully, allied damage was removed from World of Warships, but friendly fire is still tracked and punished in the game.

Friendly fire is defined as hitting teammates at least 15 times with torpedoes, collisions, or shells. The number of times you’ve hit allies is tracked over several matches.

If you primarily play Submarines or Cruisers, make sure you know how to manually drop torpedoes in World of Warships the right way. These slow underwater missiles are a major contributor to accidental friendly fire!

AFK (going to “sleep”) during matches

If you spend 10 consecutive minutes in a match without taking action, World of Warships considers you AFK and will give you a 1-minute warning before booting you from a match. This counts as unsporting conduct and can result in a waning and your name turning pink.

Leaving a match early

Players who actively participated in a match for less than 75% of its full duration are considered to have left the match early. For instance, if a power outage causes you to disconnect after 7.5 minutes, you’ll be penalized if the match lasts for 10 minutes or longer.

Wargaming’s in-game punishment system is tough but fair. There’s enough leeway that accidentally shooting an ally or disconnecting for technical reasons won’t result in a penalty. Since the system tracks performance over several matches, only players who violate the rules many times will be punished. So, if you find your name has turned pink, just stop breaking the rules! It will go away after a few battles.

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What is pink in World of Warships?

Pink in World of Warships refers to your nickname turning a pink color in battle. A pink name indicates that a player has engaged in unsporting conduct like friendly fire, going AFK in matches, and leaving matches early.

How long does pink last in World of Warships?

Pink name status typically disappears after you’ve completed 2 battles, though this may be longer depending on the severity of the infraction.

Can pink be reapplied in World of Warships?

Yes, you can turn pink multiple times in World of Warships. However, if you engage in unsporting conduct too often, you risk getting banned entirely from the game.

How can I get pink in World of Warships?

You can get pink in World of Warships by engaging in unsporting conduct like friendly fire, going AFK in matches, and leaving matches early.

Does pink have any effect on gameplay in World of Warships?

No, pink does not have any effect on gameplay in World of Warships. It is purely cosmetic and does not impact the performance or abilities of the ship.

Is pink available for all ships in World of Warships?

Any player can turn pink by engaging in unsporting conduct like leaving matches early, friendly fire, and going AFK in matches.