How many copies did Beyond Good & Evil sell?— 2024 statistics

Release Date
November 11, 2003

Beyond Good & Evil is a game that initially struggled to find its footing in the market despite critical acclaim. Released by Ubisoft in 2003, the game featured an ambitious mix of gameplay elements, from photography to platforming, and introduced players to the richly detailed world of Hillys. However, Beyond Good & Evil statistics revealed a disconnect between its critical praise and commercial performance. Initially a commercial flop, the game eventually gained a dedicated following, leading to an HD re-release that brought it renewed financial success and critical re-evaluation. Despite its rough start, the Beyond Good & Evil sales and continued interest from fans underscore its lasting impact and legacy in the gaming community​​.

Beyond Good & Evil sold an estimated 200,000 copies on Steam.

(Source: VG, Insights, Destructoid)

  • Beyond Good & Evil was initially a commercial flop, selling poorly despite positive reviews. Over time, it has gained a cult following, but its initial sales were significantly below expectations for a major release.
  • Because of poor sales, the game Beyond Good & Evil was sold in a promotional pack with mozzarella cheese.

Beyond Good & Evil faced significant commercial challenges despite its critical acclaim. The game struggled to find its audience, resulting in notably low initial sales. This poor market performance was so pronounced that it led to the game being included in unconventional promotional deals to boost its sales. Over time, however, the game has garnered a cult following, which has kept it relevant in discussions about underappreciated classics. The fact that it eventually sold an estimated 200,000 copies on Steam highlights its enduring appeal and the gradual recognition of its value in the gaming community. This evolution from a commercial flop to a beloved cult classic underscores the disconnect that can sometimes occur between immediate market performance and long-term appreciation of a game’s quality and innovation.

Beyond Good & Evil has generated an estimated $1.5 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, GamesRadar+)

  • The specific revenue figures are not widely reported, but the poor initial sales performance indicates that it did not generate substantial income during its initial release period.
  • HD re-release on newer platforms provided some financial redemption as it reached a broader audience.
  • Ubisoft invested significantly in the development of Beyond Good & Evil, employing notable talent such as Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman.

Initially the game struggled to generate significant revenue due to its poor sales performance at launch. Despite Ubisoft’s substantial investment in the game’s development, including the involvement of notable talent like Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman, the game did not achieve the financial success expected during its initial release period. However, the HD re-release on newer platforms provided a much-needed boost, allowing it to reach a broader audience and achieve some financial redemption. This re-release contributed to the game generating an estimated $1.5 million in revenue on Steam, showcasing its enduring appeal and the value of revisiting classic titles for modern audiences. This case highlights the potential for games to find financial success long after their original release, particularly when they are given a second chance through remastering and re-releases.

Beyond Good & Evil had an all time peak of 192 players.

(Source: Steam Charts, Steam)

  • Initially, player engagement was low due to its poor sales, but the game has since gained a dedicated fan base.
  • Beyond Good & Evil received positive reviews, with a Metacritic score indicating widespread critical acclaim.
  • Average play time is around 5 hours.

Despite its rocky launch, the game managed to attract positive critical attention over time. The game received widespread acclaim for its innovative gameplay and captivating story. However, the average playtime remains relatively short, suggesting that while the game is engaging, it may not have extensive replay value for many players. This scenario highlights the potential for games to grow in popularity and critical appreciation over time, even if they do not perform well immediately upon release.


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