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How many copies did Dead Cells sell? — 2024 statistics

Rogue and roll through the dungeon.

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August 7, 2018
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Dead Cells stands out as a prime example of indie game success. The Dead Cells sales figures highlight its tremendous popularity, supported by continuous updates and rich gameplay. Analyzing Dead Cells statistics, it becomes clear that the game has captivated a large and loyal player base. This success is reflected not only in its impressive sales numbers but also in the critical acclaim and numerous awards it has received. The game’s unique combination of roguelike and Metroidvania mechanics, along with frequent content additions, ensures that Dead Cells remains a beloved favorite in the gaming community.

Dead Cells has now passed 10 million copies sold.

(Source: Eurogamer, Gematsu, VG Insights)

  • This is a hugely impressive milestone for the indie roguelike game.
  • Dead Cells sold over 2.5 million copies on Steam.
  • The game’s frequent updates and expansions have significantly contributed to its long-term sales.
  • The game has received 34 free updates and 4 paid DLC expansions, including the recent “Return to Castlevania” crossover.

Dead Cells’ achievement of surpassing 10 million copies sold is a remarkable milestone that underscores its widespread popularity and lasting appeal. The game’s ongoing success is driven by its continuous updates and expansions, which have kept the player community engaged and invested. This commitment to providing new content and improvements has solidified Dead Cells’ status as a standout title in the indie gaming world, demonstrating the effectiveness of a robust post-launch support strategy.

Dead Cells revenue reached over $35.5 million on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, Gematsu)

  • The game has received 34 free updates and 4 paid DLC expansions, including the recent “Return to Castlevania” crossover.
  • Average play time is around 34 hours.
  • The game has received widespread acclaim from both critics and players, earning numerous awards, including Best Indie Game at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards.

Dead Cells has demonstrated a remarkable ability to maintain player interest and achieve financial success. This sustained popularity is largely due to the continuous stream of updates and expansions, which keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. The game’s broad appeal is further highlighted by its critical acclaim and numerous awards. The combination of frequent new content and positive reception from both critics and players underscores the effective strategies employed by the developers to ensure Dead Cells remains a beloved and financially successful title in the gaming community.

Dead Cells had all time peak of 14,190 concurrent players.

(Source: SteamDB, Steam)

  • The game has an Overwhelmingly Positive review score.
  • 97% of 129,917 total reviews are positive.
  • The game has a large and engaged community, with over 129,000 reviews on Steam.

Dead Cells has successfully cultivated a large and dedicated player base, as evidenced by its peak concurrent player count and overwhelmingly positive reviews. The game’s ability to maintain high player engagement is a testament to its quality and the strong community it has built. The high percentage of positive reviews further highlights the satisfaction of its players, indicating that Dead Cells continues to meet and exceed player expectations. This level of community support and engagement underscores the game’s enduring appeal and success.


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