How to equip Flags in World of Warships

Read all there is to know about flags in World of Warships.


All ships in World of Warships fly a Flag. Some fly their nation’s Flag, while others fly a Flag depicting their nation’s naval ensign. As examples, the Atago cruiser has a Flag with Japan’s rising sun, and the Medea destroyer’s Flag displays the Union Jack on it. Ships with multiple nations in their tech tree (e.g., Pan-Asia or Europe) fly the Flag depicted in their tech tree or the naval ensign of their country.

Besides national Flags, ships can also fly non-national Flags and Signal Flags. In this guide, we’ll go into what Signal Flags and non-national Flags are in World of Warships. When people talk about equipping Flags, often they mean Signal Flags, so it’s important to know the differences between non-national and Signals. Later, we’ll walk through how to equip Flags in World of Warships, step by step.

In this guide, we’ll go into what Signals and Flags are for in World of Warships. Then, we’ll show you how to equip Flags in World of Warships. Seeking extra perks? Become a legendary naval captain with World of Warships codes and claim free loot through the latest World of Tanks codes.

Signal Flags

Signals are small Flags (pennants) that, in real life, are used to communicate in battle. In World of Warships, Signals provide special combat bonuses. Signals can be displayed either individually or as a set. You can fly up to eight combat Signals on your ship. Signals are single-use items in World of Warships and are consumed after use.

You can get Signal Flags by buying them with Credits or Coal, completing weekly mission chains, finding them in Containers, combat missions, completing campaigns, and completing challenges.

Some ships, like ARP ships, come with unique Signal Flags that you can use.

Signals can be used from Access Level 5.

How to equip Signals in World of Warships

To equip Signals, go to your Port and click on the “Equipment” option under the game’s “Battle!” button. This will bring up your Equipment screen, where you can setup your ship’s loadout before battle. You can find Signal Flags in the Exterior section of your ship. Just click on a Signal to mount it.

While you’re here, you should also take the time to equip any consumables and apply camouFlage.

Non-national Flags

At Access Level 16, you gain the ability to equip non-national Flags. Non-national Flags don’t replace your ship’s national Flag, instead they are flown alongside them. Most ships can only have one non-national Flag equipped, though certain Collections allow for up to two at once.

Unlike Signals, non-national Flags grant no special bonuses to combat or battle earnings. They are purely cosmetic. Non-national Flags can be mounted on more than one ship at a time. You can also unmount and remount non-national Flags as often as you want.

Currently, there are more than 530 unique non-national Flags in World of Warships. You can earn them by completing missions and participating in special World of Warships events. Many can also be bought from the in-game shop. Certain Flags are only available during certain charity events so donators can show their support for a good cause.

That’s it for our guide on Flags in World of Warships. We’ve covered everything from what Flags and Signals are to how to equip Flags in World of Warships. When players talk about Flags, they usually mean Signals and non-national Flags. Signals are functional and give your ships combat boosts but are consumed on use. National and non-national Flags are purely cosmetic, can be used on multiple ships at the same time, and are not consumed on use.