How to research in World of Warships

Researching is a vital part of the late game in World of Warships. Learn all about how to use the Research Bureau here!

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A big part of the fun of World of Warships is unlocking new tiers, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do after reaching Tier X. The Research Bureau is an end-game feature that lets you go back and earn any ships you missed on your journey to the top. It also gives you the chance to earn exclusive Research Bureau ships, camouflages, and other cosmetics to add to your collection. Knowing how to research in World of Warships is as important as knowing how to sink enemy ships.

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Unlocking the Research Bureau

There are two types of access to the Research Bureau in World of Warships: partial and full access.

Partial access lets you enter the Research Bureau page in the Armory, but you can’t reset lines or receive battle bonuses. You can, however, spend any earned Research Points you’ve earned. You get partial access to the Research Bureau by earning Research Points by any method before unlocking five Tier X ships (e.g., special events, completing bonus missions).

Full access grants you full access to the Research Bureau, allowing you to reset research lines (more on that below) and receive Research Point bonuses in battle. You get full access to the Research Bureau by unlocking five Tier X ships.

How to earn Research Points

Resetting lines

Resetting lines is the primary way to earn Research Points. This removes all the ships in a line except for your Tier I, bringing you back to the beginning of that tech tree branch.

To reset a ship line, you must first unlock the Research Bureau. You’ll find a new button beneath each Tier X ship in the Tech Tree of your port. Clicking a button will reset that ship’s research line, which has the following effects:

  • Your ships in that line that are in port are sold for Credits
  • All modules (mounted and in the inventory) are sold for Credits
  • All active Commanders are moved to Reserve
  • All mounted upgrades are moved to your Inventory for free
  • All camouflages, signals, and skins are moved to your Inventory
  • All ship XP (including any unused ship XP) is transferred to the Tier 1 ship in that line

You earn research points by regaining the ships in each tier and winning battles with them. When battling with a ship you’ve regained after a reset, you’ll earn Research Points on top of your regular battle rewards.

You can reset multiple ship lines at the same time. Completing a gunship line nets you 10,200 Research Points. Finishing up a carrier line will get you 8,000 Research Points. You’re free to reset a ship line as many times as you want.

Partial line reset

If you obtained a Tier X ship but didn’t complete all the tiers in its line, you can perform a “partial reset” of that line. This has all the same effects as a regular line reset, but you won’t receive Research Points when you win battles with a ship you hadn’t unlocked previously.

Let’s say you received a Tier VII ship from a special event, skipping all previous tiers. You then go on to unlock that ship line’s Tier IX and Tier X ships. If you reset this line, you’ll be sent back to Tier I, but you won’t earn the Research Point bonus for wins with ships from Tier II all the way to Tier VI. This is because you never unlocked the ships in those tiers in your previous runs. However, if you go on to unlock those ships, they will earn you Research Points in any future resets.

Research Bureau seasons

A 2x multiplier is applied to the first ship line reset in a Research Bureau season. Any Research Points earned in this ship line are doubled. A Research Bureau season is 90 days long.

Tips to use the Research Bureau efficiently

The World of Warships community has come up with clever ways to make grinding through the various ship tiers after a reset quicker and more efficient. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

Utilize your Free XP

If you’ve been stockpiling Free XP, now’s the perfect time to use it. With enough Free XP, you can power through and unlock entire lines, picking the bare minimum ships to purchase and play. This is the quickest way to rake in the Research Points, but it depends on your hoarding Free XP over hours of gameplay prior to a reset.

Free XP to VI

You don’t have to splash all your Free XP on unlocking whole tiers. Many players prefer to unlock their chosen ship line up to Tier VI, since these ships are so cheap. Once you’re at Tier VI, it’s back to the grind, but at least you won’t have to start from zero.

Reset branching ship lines

These ship lines are split into two lines:

  • Japanese destroyer branch
  • German destroyer branch
  • Soviet destroyer and cruiser branches
  • American cruiser branch

If you reset both sides of a split line, you can complete entire tiers for both lines at the same time. As an example, the Delny and Grozovoi lines share the same Tier II–Tier VII ships. If you reset both at the same time, winning a battle once in each tier counts towards progress in both branches.

We hope you’ll put the knowledge learned from this guide to good use. Congratulations for getting all the way to Tier X, but your late game journey is just beginning. Enjoy getting intimately familiar with all the ships and tiers of your chosen ship line!