Destroyer Simulator codes (July 2024) — all kinds of free boosts

With our epic Destroyer Simulator codes list, you'll be smashing and destroying your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Ah, finally a Roblox title that caters to our delicate sensibilities: RAGE. If you’re looking to take out all the pent-up, negative energy that you have, this game is perfect for some much-needed therapy time. Feel free to smash and destroy your way to the top, because this game actually rewards you for going just that.

You’re going to have to start off slow though, with cardboard boxes and the likes but ultimately you get to smash TVs and Lamposts, basically everything in the game world. To do so, you’ll need to increase your stats and for that, we have our handy Destroyer Simulator codes guide. Read on and see how the guide can help you get access to some great freebies!

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Active Destroyer Simulator codes

  • D3M0N — 2x Rage Boost
  • P4R4DIS3 — 2x Strength Boost
  • 4NG3L — 2x Rage Boost
  • V01D — Instant Evolved Boost
  • 3kfavs — 2x Rage Boost
  • 500likes — 2x Strength Boost
  • FIXES — 2x Strength Boost
  • 3V3NT — 2x Training Speed Boost
  • F3STIV4L — 2x Strength Boost
  • G4RD3N — 2x Strength Boost
  • F4RM3R — 2x Rage Boost
  • F00D — 2x Strength Boost
  • M3TR0POL1S — 2x Strength Boost
  • C4STL3 — 2x Strength Boost
  • 4CID — 2x Strength Boost
  • 3XP3R1MENTS — 2x Rage Boost
  • F1SH — 2x Strength Boost
  • 17mvis — 2x Rage Boost
  • B000 — 2x Strength Boost
  • M4G1C — 2x Strength Boost
  • H3LL  2x Strength Boost

Expired Destroyer Simulator codes

  • SP4CE
  • M00N
  • C4NDY
  • D0NUT
  • Release 
  • D4M4G3R
  • CR4FT
  • M1NE 
  • 5mvis
  • G3MS 
  • AUR4S 
  • GL0V3S
  • 16000likes
  • TOYS
  • T3DDY
  • 13000likes

What are Destroyer Simulator codes?

Glad you asked! Codes are random numbers, letters or phrases that the game developers release on occasions or milestones. The players can redeem them for some additional in-game help in the form of currencies or accessories.

How to redeem Destroyer Simulator codes

It’s super easy to redeem Destroyer Simulator codes. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch Destroyer Simulator
  2. Click on the blue Twitter bird icon on the left
  3. Paste in or write an active code on the textbox
  4. Hit redeem
  5. Enjoy all the rewards!

That’s everything, guys! All the information about Destroyer Simulator codes. Also check out these handpicked game and code compilations, perfect for some downtime and relaxation with the best gacha games and a Roblox promo codes list. Games and freebies? Sounds like heaven.