Baby Simulator codes (June 2024) — coins, gems and much more

With our bubbling Baby Simulator codes list, you'll be the most popular baby in the playground!

Sometimes we all wish to go back to the good ol’ days when we didn’t have any responsibilities and were well taken care of no matter what. Babies really do have it easy, no? Well in this fantastic Roblox game, you can go back to being a toddler and enjoy life all over again. We’re hooked and we hope you are too!

Becoming a baby in this game is a tough job, though; you’ve got to play with toys, battle it out with other babies, assert dominance, and whatnot. However, don’t worry too much about all you have to do because we’re here to help you. With our Baby Simulator codes guide, you’ll have enough freebies to be the best kid in the playpen.

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Active Baby Simulator codes

  • gemazing — 100 Gems
  • waawaa — 50 Gems
  • gem50 — 50 Gems
  • 100kfavs — 25 Gems
  • gem20 — 20 Gems
  • update2 — 200 Coins
  • space — 100 Coins
  • Twitter2 — 100 Coins
  • zzz — 100 Coins
  • richbaby — 100 Coins
  • Twitter1 — 50 Coins
  • launch — 50 Coins
  • PET — Reward
  • coinsbaby — 500 Coins
  • YAY — 2,000 Happiness
  • gems — 250 Gems
  • Xmas — 200 Snowflakes
  • snow — 50 Snowflakes
  • snowing — 150 Snowflakes
  • gem20 — 20 Gems
  • HappierBaby — Reward
  • 10mvisits — 100 Gems

Expired Baby Simulator codes

  • talkingbaby 
  • dadda 
  • yum 
  • candyland 
  • tokens 
  • blastoff 
  • mars 
  • marsbaby 
  • 5mvisits 
  • mamma
  • happierbaby 
  • secretcode 
  • happybaby 

What are Baby Simulator codes?

Codes are our favorite part of Roblox. Seriously, which other platform gives freebies to its players that can be used to improve their gaming experience? We don’t think there are many others. So, if you need currencies or accessories, just keep our code articles bookmarked, and you’ll always have something to fall back on.

How to redeem Baby Simulator codes

It’s super easy to redeem Baby Simulator codes. Just follow our steps:

  1. Start Baby Simulator
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the side
  3. Enter an active code in the space
  4. Press redeem
  5. Enjoy all the free items!

That’s all, toddlers! Enjoy all the Baby Simulator codes we gave you today. Also, for people who love to know everything about everything, we have a terrific new write-up that we compiled about Roblox statistics and facts 2022. We would appreciate it if you could read it and share it! Thanks, guys!