The Sims 4 Custom Content (CC) guide

There are many ways that players worldwide try to make The Sims 4 better (Tumblr or Reddit, for example). Within each post, we get to see multiple ways to change the original Sims 4 into a better “looking” game. As a result, even though we see new content from the development team, we also can look for original changes in other websites.

These “Custom Content” options like eyeliner, recolors, or skin details turn the experience into something different. Therefore when you start downloading the Custom Content, you may never stop making things unique. For example, even though we had a new update for skintones, you can find even more choices on websites like “TSR” or “ The Sims Resource.”

Thankfully, you have the opportunity to change the base game a little (or a lot) with these mods that are available for free. Usually, some websites use reblogged articles to share their discoveries with the rest of the world (like this article). Making you, a casual sim player, the option to discover the mods we hope you like.

Most noteworthy, if you want to enhance how the base game female sims look, you could find different reblogged articles with the best looking mods. Indeed, with this kind of information, you could spend more time downloading and playing your game than trying something “unusual.”

In this article, we’ll discuss how mods change The Sims 4 experience, how to set things up, and which CC 3D Lashes are dominating the charts.

The Sims 4 mods

From the first Sims, through “My Sims,” lastly with The Sims 4, mods have an essential impact through their development. At first, we were able to see unofficial “skins in the first versions of the sims that added content from different resources. For example, you could play as “Homer Simpson” by downloading a couple of files and configure them into the game.

Suddenly, you could add different furniture that felt unique and somehow missing from the official files. Even though we had tons of expansion packs or game packs, the developer cannot configure everything that we see in the real world. Thankfully, this is when the modders leave their mark. When the community asks for something missing, and the developers won’t deliver, the modding team makes it real.

To become a modder yourself, one needs some knowledge between programming, 3d modeling, and digital painting. When you have a little mastering of these themes, you can add multiple items into The Sims 4 base game. Above all, if you link your Patreon website with your creations, you can gain some “real money” from your possible followers. Furthermore, you can add some “my blog” links in between with impeccable images from your content.

Overall the modding community helps The Sims 4 (or any other video game) to stay “alive” even after the development team abandons the project. As a result, games that have more than twenty years active, still have “new” content to discover from different sources. Furthermore, you could even have assistance from modders that help “repair” any game when the original developers have no idea or do not care.

Why do you need mods?

Besides adding new original Custom Content to the base game, you have better ways to play the game. Therefore, you can have three times (or even more) the number of customization items than the rest of the community.

Additionally, you could make things a lot more to your liking by adding mods that change things according to your tastes. For example, you could add mascaras or modify the sim’s eyes until it seems “right.” Indeed, you could see new things by downloading items from the “Gallery.” but it limits the “creativity with only official items.

At the same time, you could find endless possibilities when you surf the Internet. Most noteworthy, you don’t need to purchase the expansion packs to enjoy almost all of the mods available from different websites. Therefore, you could obtain more original content without paying any cent.

Furthermore, when you start downloading custom content and some endorsement (thumbs up) after trying different mods, you’re helping to enhance the community. First off, you have new ways to experience The Sims 4, and you give some acknowledgment to the current modders. Hence, when a Mod seems appealing to the eye, the creator could focus his/her time to make better content shortly.

Last but not least, even if The Sims 5 gets a release date,  the multiple mods that you can find now (or even later) may keep the current version alive. As a result, if the new Sims version isn’t that “complete,” you can always find exciting ways to enjoy the previous product.

How to install mods into your game

To experience the Sims 4 at its finest, you do not need to know a lot about computers. First of all, you only need to search for databases or websites with many mods. For example, you could look at the contents of The Sims Resource or TSR for short.

All of the S4CC over all of those websites require no cash to download the information. Still, if you find it worthy, you could support the modders by donating a few dollars. Remember that each contributor gives their free time to add more content to all of the community. Indeed if you want more work from a specific person, supporting them is the better choice.

After you find something worth trying, you could download all of the content and try it as soon as possible. First of all, download the file you want. Afterward, some mods come in a “zip” file that needs a unique program to extract its contents. A standard archiver utility program that works perfectly is known as WinRAR.

Place the mod archives in the “\Users\” Your User”\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods” Folder for them to work correctly. Afterward, load The Sims 4, and if they do not appear, you just need to configure little things within the game. Go to “Game Options” and click on the “Other” tab. Lastly, activate the box next to “Enable Custom Content and Mods” and “Script Mods Allowed.”

Additionally, check the “quality” of your game before you try a new mod. Hence when you download an “HQ Compatible” or “HQ Mod,” you need to activate the Game Options’ high-quality settings.

Mods to improve your experience

With the almost limitless possibilities to change the base game with mods, you can add different CAS options for your sims. For example, you can add more hairstyles that follow the “original” pattern from the development team or something new.

Remember that you’re the architect of your own experiences, which means that you can add anything until the engine cannot handle all the information. As a result, add items with impressive retexture capabilities, more eyeshadow capabilities, or even genders.

Indeed, you can opt to find mods that make things more realistic, anime-like, or follow the original game’s aesthetic. Therefore, you can mold your game to your liking.