Overwatch Borders and Portraits for ALL Levels

What are border portraits in Overwatch?

In Overwatch, a border portrait gives an idea of how leveled up you are to others. As you level up your account your portrait border will change ranging from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond:

  • Bronze: 1-600
  • Silver: 601-1200
  • Gold: 1201-1800
  • Platinum: 1801-2400
  • Diamond: 2401-2901+

In addition to this you have stars that further indicate your level. This gives you some idea of what level player you’re dealing with.

Bronze border portraits (levels 1-600)

overwatch bronze portrait 1 10overwatch bronze portrait 11 20overwatch bronze portrait 21 30overwatch bronze portrait 31 40overwatch bronze portrait 41 50overwatch bronze portrait 51 60overwatch bronze portrait 61 70overwatch bronze portrait 71 80overwatch bronze portrait 81 90overwatch bronze portrait 91 100
overwatch bronze star 1overwatch bronze star 2overwatch bronze star 3overwatch bronze star 4overwatch bronze star 5

Silver border portraits (levels 601-1200)

overwatch silver portrait 1 10overwatch silver portrait 11 20overwatch silver portrait 21 30overwatch silver portrait 31 40overwatch silver portrait 41 50overwatch silver portrait 51 60overwatch silver portrait 61 70overwatch silver portrait 71 80overwatch silver portrait 81 90overwatch silver portrait 91 100
overwatch silver star 701 800overwatch silver star 801 900overwatch silver star 901 1000overwatch silver star 1001 1100overwatch silver star 1101 1200

Gold border portraits (levels 1201-1800)

overwatch gold portrait 1 10overwatch gold portrait 11 20overwatch gold portrait 21 30overwatch gold portrait 31 40overwatch gold portrait 41 50overwatch gold portrait 51 60overwatch gold portrait 61 70overwatch gold portrait 71 80overwatch gold portrait 81 90overwatch gold portrait 91 100
overwatch gold star 1301 1400overwatch gold star 1401 1500overwatch gold star 1501 1600overwatch gold star 1601 1700overwatch gold star 1701 1800

Platinum border portraits (levels 1801-2400)

overwatch platinum gold portrait 01 10overwatch platinum gold portrait 11 20overwatch platinum gold portrait 21 30overwatch platinum gold portrait 31 40overwatch platinum gold portrait 41 50overwatch platinum gold portrait 51 60overwatch platinum gold portrait 61 70overwatch platinum gold portrait 71 80overwatch platinum gold portrait 81 90overwatch platinum gold portrait 91 100
overwatch gold star 1301 1400overwatch gold star 1401 1500overwatch gold star 1501 1600overwatch gold star 1601 1700overwatch gold star 1701 1800

Diamond border portraits (levels 2401-2901+)

overwatch diamond gold portrait 01 10overwatch diamond gold portrait 11 20overwatch diamond gold portrait 21 30overwatch diamond gold portrait 31 40overwatch diamond gold portrait 41 50overwatch diamond gold portrait 51 60overwatch diamond gold portrait 61 70overwatch diamond gold portrait 71 80overwatch diamond gold portrait 81 90overwatch diamond gold portrait 91 100
overwatch diamond gold star 2501 2600overwatch diamond gold star 2601 2700overwatch diamond gold star 2701 2800overwatch diamond gold star 2801 2900overwatch diamond gold star 2901

How to get border portraits in Overwatch

overwatch earned portrait

Like in other games you increase your Overwatch level by gaining experience. You can get experience by finishing quick play, player vs. AI, practice vs. AI, arcade, and competitive modes. How much you get exactly depends on how long the round was, whether you won or lost, and how much you personally contributed in-game.

LevelXP required to level upLevelXP required to level up
111350022 and onward20000

How to equip border portraits in Overwatch

Unfortunately there is no way to equip or change your border portrait. This is done automatically in accordance to what level you have. A lot of players bring this question up because of the harassment they get in-game due to their portrait. Blizzard has yet to implement some sort of setting to deal with this.

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