Fart Attack codes (April 2024) — lots of amazing freebies

With our fantastic Fart Attack codes list, you'll always have the best freebies to use to your advantage!

Fart Attack is a chill game that you can play with your friends and have a blast. The name sets the mood in this slapstick Roblox title full of fart battles, attacks and boss battles that take place inside a toilet. So, if you like crass humor and lighthearted fun, this game will win you over!

Fart attack has a lot of freebies that players can win and use in the game to add to the fun and excitement. As always, we’ve compiled a list of all the codes we code find, active and expired so that you guys always have updated information. Bookmark this Fart Attack codes guide to always have some freebies up your sleeves.

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Active Fart Attack codes

  • fart — 50 Burritos
  • Smellicopter — 50 Burritos
  • Fartnado — 20 Cabbages
  • hands — 20 Cabbages
  • gift — 1,000 Money
  • wash — 99 Burritos
  • holiday — 99 Burritos
  • fartastic — 50 Burritos

Expired Fart Attack codes

Fortunately, there are no expired Fart Attack codes, right now! Yippie.

What are Fart Attack codes?

codes are an awesome part of the Roblox platform and are words or phrases that the developers release so that fans and players of the game can get their hands on some amazing freebies that can help their progress in the game. It’s a great idea to bookmark your favorite games code guides, so make sure to save this.

How to redeem Fart Attack codes

It’s super easy to redeem Fart Attack codes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Start Fart Attack
  2. Press the codes button on the right
  3. Enter an active code in the text box
  4. Click on redeem
  5. Enjoy all the rewards!

That’s all you guys need to know about Fart Attack codes. Have a blast playing the game. Also, we wanted to let you guys know that we wrote a very comprehensive piece about Roblox statistics that’s full of astonishing facts regarding the platform, so be sure to check it out!