Frogge codes (July 2024) — lots of free weapons

Frogge is a truly unique game on Roblox, the mix of horror and satire make it one of the freshest games we’ve seen on the platform. You have to survive 3 minutes against a cursed and homicidal frog doll from 1962 in this one-of-a-kind hide and seek mission. Do we need to say more?

If you think you have what it takes to survive a killer, bewitched frog on a wild rampage then you’ll truly enjoy this game. To help you survive, we’ve put together this comprehensive Frogge codes guide that will help you to get your hands on as many freebies as possible in the game!

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Active Frogge codes

There are no currently active Frogge codes but don’t worry some are bound to drop sooner or later, so bookmark this page and stay updated.

Expired Frogge codes


What are Frogge codes?

Frogge codes are a great way to get your hands on some awesome in-game freebies. These freebies can be currencies, accessories, weapons or much more!

How to redeem Frogge codes

Redeeming Frogge codes is super easy if you follow our steps:

  1. Launch Frogge codes
  2. Head to the room on the left
  3. Interact with the wall to enter codes
  4. Enjoy all the free stuff!

That’s it, guys! We hope you have a great time playing Frogge with our Frogge codes. Also, if you want to know more about Roblox, the platform we all love, then we highly recommend checking out our latest and most comprehensive piece about Roblox statistics!