Kick streaming statistics 2024

The growing Twitch competitor with generous revenue splits.

Launch Date
December 1, 2021
iOS, Android, Web
12 million

Today, streaming has gone from being a part-time hobby to a prospect of constant income for a variety of people, be it those who prefer to simply sit and talk with their audience, walk around cities while doing so, or just play some games and relax. Twitch is by far the most popular streaming service online, but, as with anything else, there are competitors. For example, there is an up-and-coming streaming service called Kick which is gearing up to become a real competitor to Twitch simply because it offers more generous revenue splits for streamers so they end up earning much more money doing what they love. Because of this, we will display some Kick streaming statistics to see how successful the service has been since it was first established and to estimate where it’s going in the future. Streaming services contribute tremendously to the size of the video game industry, and they continue to grow every day.

Kick streaming key statistics

Since we’re only talking about a single streaming service and there’s no need to divide anything into categories, we’ll just nestle everything into this section and display all of the data for the site as it is available.

Kick gives its streamers 95% of their earnings.

(Source: Dexerto)

  • As a comparison, Twitch’s revenue split is 50-50.
  • Youtube’s revenue split is 70-30.
  • Streamers don’t have to rely on their subscriber count to make money, instead getting a constant flow of earnings depending on their number of viewers.

This is the main selling point for streamers to switch over from Twitch as Kick offers a much more generous revenue split between the streamer and platform. As you can see, platforms like Youtube and Twitch tend to gravitate toward an even split, Kick goes the opposite way and puts the streamer in the forefront of everything, offering so much more.

Kick had 151.3 million visits in July 2023.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

  • Its bounce rate was 40.93%.
  • The average duration per visit was 5:58.
  • Its average number of pages per visit was 4.15.
  • Kick is ranked #8 among similar sites, just below Adobe and
  • 39.07% of Kick users are from the United States.
  • 5.79% are from the United Kingdom.
  • 5.34% are from Canada.
  • 4.72% are from France.
  • 3.05% are from Spain.
  • 84.12% of its user base is male, while 15.88% are female.
  • 34.42% of its user base is between 18 and 24.

When looking at the popularity of the site itself, we can see that it has seen quite a bit of traffic, attracting over 100 million visitors in a single month, and the numbers seem to be rising. Naturally, as a US-based platform that caters more to the United States, it only makes sense that North America would take up most of the clicks. The demographics are similar to Twitch’s, with a majority of the users being male.

Kick offered xQc $100 million to join the platform.

(Source: PC Gamer)

  • The initial value of the contract was $70 million, and incentives can push it to $100 million.
  • This is not a platform-exclusive contract, as he can still stream on any other platform he wants.
  • It was a higher-value contract than some top-tier athletes get.

This can be understood as a power move from the platform to make other people understand that it is a high-value company that will attempt to buy large streamers without hesitation. People are much more likely to trust the words of a bigger streamer than the words of the platform itself, and it seems to be working well, with Kick adding Tranwrecks and Adin Ross to its roster.

Kick has introduced ads even though it does not care about ad revenue.

(Source: Digiday)

  • So far, the platform has hosted Alfa Romeo ads on its site, but mostly for reach and bringing Kick closer to a broader audience.
  • Despite this, Kick still does not intend to introduce in-stream banner ads that might take away from the viewing experience.

The introduction of ads and paid content is often a sign of struggle for some platforms, as they look to find different ways to accumulate revenue. They claim to not seek out ad space on their site but prefer to look for exposure and ways to reach a broader audience. Nevertheless, we believe that more and more ads will be introduced to Kick in the coming months as they look for more ways to fund their streamers.

Kick is apparently not losing money despite controversial claims.

(Source: TheGamer)

  • Some claimed that Kick was a money pit that would soon collapse, but its founder spoke out.
  • Ed Craven said that within the three months that Kick was out at the time, it managed to turn a profit.
  • The profit was attributed to “strategic partnerships”.
  • Some have claimed that Kick has been using bots to inflate its viewership figures.

We’ve mentioned struggle, and we can now talk about the rumors that were floating around the Internet about Kick not being able to keep itself afloat and that its revenue split is deeply flawed. However, the founder of Kick himself has stated that the platform is thriving in the market and that they’ve seen some significant profits in Q1.

The Kick Creator program will pay streamers an hourly wage.

(Source: AFK Gaming)

  • Streamers within the Creator program will earn money based on the time they spend streaming.
  • There is not a set number of viewers necessary to earn the money, so streamers with either 1 or 100,000 viewers can partake in the program.
  • The rate paid to streamers will be flat and budgeted by the platform itself until there is more ad presence.
  • It will also be based on the average number of viewers one has, as well as their demographics and engagement.

Most streaming sites have a partnership or creator program, and Kick is no exception. With the Kick Creator program, streamers can make sure that they can earn money no matter how many people they stream to, as long as they’re consistent and stream all the time. This is a huge step in the streaming industry if it turns out to be consistent and cater to a wide variety of streamers.

A streamer by the name of Ac7ionMan earned $38,000 in a month on Kick.

(Source: TubeFilter, SportKeeda)

  • Aaron Travis mostly streams Fortnite and poker.
  • The amount of money that he earned was from 7,000 Kick subscribers.
  • He noted that it would take double that subscriber count on Twitch to reach those figures.
  • He noted that the switch to Kick was “life-changing”.
  • Another popular streamer by the name of Trainwreckstv earned over $16,000 from 3,500 Kick subscribers.

This is just one of the examples of streamers switching over to Kick and finding a better experience than on other streaming platforms. Of course, these sorts of numbers seem to be otherworldly, as Twitch is a much larger platform but suddenly it’s easier to make money on this new platform. Seems odd, doesn’t it? Either way, Kick’s revenue numbers for streamers seem to be increasing and we’ll make sure to keep an eye on them.

To sum up

Phew, that took a long time! That would be everything we have to say about Kick streaming and everything it offers to both veteran and newbie streamers. As you can see, it offers everything from a less-censored space to more money for less effort. A mid-range streamer making a decent amount of money could expect to earn double the amount on Kick, and we’re all for it, as long as everything is fair and just. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed what we’ve had to say about this up-and-coming streaming platform and that all of your questions have been answered!


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