How many copies did Days Gone sell? — 2024 statistics

Days keeps rolling.

Release Date
April 26, 2019
Bend Studio

Days Gone takes players on a thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and survival challenges. Developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game has managed to capture a dedicated player base despite its mixed initial reception. The Days Gone statistics reflect its growth over time, with many appreciating the improvements made post-launch. Days Gone sales highlight its financial success and enduring popularity among fans, making it a standout title in Sony’s lineup​.

Days Gone sold over 9 million copies.

(Source: GameSpot, VGChartz)

  • According to the game’s director, Days Gone sold 8 million copies on PlayStation consoles alone in year and a half.
  • In addition to the strong PlayStation sales, Days Gone also sold over 1 million copies on the Steam platform.
  • Despite the game’s significant sales performance, the director claimed the studio’s local management viewed it as a big disappointment.

Days Gone has proven to be a commercially successful game, surpassing initial expectations with impressive sales figures. Despite facing some internal criticism, the game’s performance on both PlayStation and Steam platforms indicates strong market acceptance and a robust player base. This success showcases the game’s ability to resonate with a wide audience, demonstrating its appeal and the effectiveness of its post-apocalyptic setting and gameplay mechanics. The significant number of copies sold highlights its popularity and the impact it has had within the gaming community.

Days Gone generated over $265 million in revenue.

(Source: Steam, Game World Observer)

  • The game generated over $91 million on Steam alone.
  • This figure represents 8% of the total revenue among Sony’s top games on the platform, showcasing the game’s financial success despite its mixed initial reception.

The game has performed well on various platforms, including Steam, where it contributed a significant portion of its overall revenue. This financial achievement reflects its strong market presence and popularity among players, despite its initial mixed reception. The impressive revenue figures underscore the game’s ability to attract and retain a dedicated player base, highlighting its success in the competitive gaming market.

On average, Days Gone has about 64,507 of daily active players.

(Source:, Steam)

  • Days Gone has an all time peak of 27,380 concurrent players on Steam.
  • The game has an overall Very Positive review score on Steam.
  • 92% of the 58,547 total reviews being positive.

Days Gone demonstrates a robust and active player base, reflecting its sustained appeal among gamers. With a strong peak of concurrent players on Steam and a consistently high number of daily active users, the game has shown resilience in maintaining player interest. The overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam, indicated by the high percentage of favorable reviews, suggests that the game’s improvements and engaging gameplay have resonated well with its audience. This enduring popularity and high level of player satisfaction highlight the game’s success in delivering an immersive and enjoyable experience, long after its initial release.


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