Best Roblox games with free private servers

Team up with your friends and populate these awesome servers!

While you’re playing a game as massive as Roblox, you are bound to be well-versed in how the servers work in the game. Unfortunately, sometimes when you want to play a game with your friends exclusively, it might be a bit hard to get into a server together.

Luckily for you, there are some games on Roblox that allow you to have your own private server to have fun in with your friends. These games are quite fun and they can be approached in different ways, ideal for friends. The list is quite extensive, so you can be sure that you will be preoccupied with them for a long time! Here are some of the best Roblox games with private servers you can choose from.

Playing games together with you friends makes any game you play even better! Multiplayer games have been around for a while and the area of competitive gaming has never been better. There are tons of games you can play besides Roblox, and conveniently, we have some code articles that you can take a look at: Warframe promo codes, World of Tanks codes, and World of Warships codes.

Best Roblox games with private servers

  1. Apsley Bus Simulator V4
  2. Arctxic’s Clothing HomeStore & Pool
  3. Canterbury & District Bus Simulator V4.1
  4. Boba Cafe
  5. Cruise Life
  6. Donut Bakery Tycoon
  7. Atlantic Hotel Resort
  8. Club Iris
  9. Camping
  10. Adopt Me!
  11. Cook Burgers
  12. Dancing Simulator
  13. Farming and Friends
  14. Dance Moms – ALDC Studio
  15. Untamed Planet
  16. Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands
  17. Super Golf!
  18. Soro’s Italian Restaurant
  19. Vehicle Simulator
  20. Work at a Hotel! | Solera Resort
  21. Water Park Blox World
  22. Theme Park HeideLand
  23. Stylz Makeover
  24. Vibe NYC
  25. Speed Race
  26. Summer Camp
  27. Roblox High School 2
  28. My Farm
  29. Roblox Uno
  30. Paradise Island Resort
  31. RoCitizens
  32. Snow Resort
  33. Robloxian Waterpark
  34. SHRED
  35. Skate Park
  36. Super Striker League
  37. Theme Park: Gravity Oasis
  38. Vehicle Legends
  39. TPS: Ultimate Soccer
  40. Venti Café
  41. Work at a Hotel! | Nova Island
  42. Untamed Planet
  43. Theme Park HeideLand
  44. Simple Resort
  45. Mega Hide and Seek!
  46. generic roleplay gaem.
  47. Dance Moms – ALDC Studio
  48. Business Legends
  49. Bondi Rescue Roleplay
  50. Backpacking

Those are some of the best games that have private servers and that players love to play! As you can see, the themes of these games cover a wide range of topics, so you’ll never be bored and you always have something to choose from. Given that you’re here, you must be a huge Roblox fan, and there’s no better way to get in tune with your favorite game than to read up a bit about it. We recommend checking out Roblox statistics just for that!