Adopt Me trade — how to trade safely and fairly

Trading is a huge part of Adopt Me! Here's how to avoid scams and trade in a way that's fair and safe.

Adopt Me! is a role-playing game in Roblox with a weird and unique premise. Players can “adopt” other players, taking on the role of either child or parent. There’s also a pretty comprehensive virtual pet experience layered on top, where players can collect and raise digital cats and dogs. With regular play, you’ll amass a collection of pet and item duplicates that you’re not interested in. Adopt Me! allows you to trade them with other players, giving you the opportunity to barter for the pet you’re looking for.

Initiating and negotiating an Adopt Me trade with another player can be intimidating. Where do you find players to trade with? How can you be sure you’re getting a good deal? Here we’re going to talk about how to get started trading in a way that’s both safe and fair for both you and your trading partner. Just scroll on down to see the whole guide.

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How to start trading with other players in Adopt Me!

Before we talk about the particulars of an Adopt Me trade, let’s quickly go over how to start and complete a trade:

  • Click on the player you want to trade with, then select ‘Trade’ from the interaction menu (press 1 if you’re playing with a keyboard). This sends a trade request to the other player.
  • If the other player chooses to accept your trade request, the trading menu will appear on your screen. This menu displays what items are up for trade. On the left side of the menu are the items that you’re offering for trade; the other player’s offer is on the right side. Click on the green “+” button to add an item to the trade. Click on an item on your half of the screen to remove it from the trade.
  • When you’re happy with the trade terms, click the green Accept button at the bottom of the trading menu. This initiates a 5-second countdown. The countdown resets if a player adds, removes, or replaces an item from the trade.
  • When the countdown ends, a green “Accept” button will appear. Both you and the other player must press this button to complete the trade.

What’s with the countdown?

The 5-second countdown is there as a safety measure to ensure nobody accidentally accepts a trade before they’re ready. It’s a good thing for when you accidentally misclick “Accept” before you’re ready. Additionally, this gives you a few seconds to review the terms of a trade before going ahead with it.

What is an “unfair” trade in Adopt Me!?

The game’s mechanics are set up to ensure that every transaction you perform is as balanced and fair as possible. The game will tell you if it thinks a deal you’re making is unfair for either you or the other player. This is a safety measure to help prevent scams, though there are many cases where an “unfair” trade is perfectly fine; for example, if you want to gift someone a free item. If a game thinks that a trade is unfair, you’ll have to wait 15 seconds instead of the regular 5 seconds before you can choose to go through with it.

Again, an “unfair” trade doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with a trade. But just to be safe, always double check the trade terms before completing it. All of this is done to keep players from being conned out of their hard-earned items or from engaging in harmful deals that damage the game’s economy.

What is a Trading License in Adopt Me!?

In the start, you won’t be able to trade legendary or ultra-rare items. To do so, you’ll have to obtain a Trade License first.

To get your Trade License, head on over to the Safety Hub near the Farm Shop. Inside, you’ll find a friendly fellow in a sharp blue suit named Agent Jake. Talk to Jake, and he’ll give you a simple rundown of how the exam works. The gist of it is that you should never trust people you don’t know and that you can retake the Trading License exam as many times as you need to.

During the license exam, you’ll be presented with examples of various trade situations. Your job is to identify which ones are scams and which aren’t. Don’t worry, it’s a total breeze, and the answers are super obvious. Answer correctly on all of the questions to get your Trading License!

How many items can I trade at once?

When the trading system was first introduced, players could only trade four items at once. The 2020 Trading Update expanded the trade slots from four to nine, allowing players to offer up more items in a single exchange.

How do I change my trade settings?

Are you tired of random players spamming you with trade requests? By default, Adopt Me! allows anyone and everyone to send you a trade request. You can change this from the settings menu. For safety reasons, we recommend changing it so you can only trade with your friends.

That’s just about everything you need to know to perform an Adopt Me trade safely and fairly. If you’re looking for more awesome games to play, check out our article on the best cross-platform games.